Boating Tips - Chartering a Boat
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Learn must have tips and advice from The Encyclopedia of Boating Tips. In this video,you'll learn about chartering a boat.


If you want to go on a weeks cruise, you don't have to own a sailboat or a mega yacht. You can charter one. Many people who don't like to bother of boat maintenance can charter a 45 foot sailboat for two weeks, for about the price of yearly maintenance on this size vessel. It's best to charter a boat through a recognized chartering company or agency. You can find many of these listed in various magazines and websites that cater to chartering. There are two basic types of chartering; Bareboat and paid crew. If you are a competent sailor and you can prove it, a company will charter you the boat without a professional crew. Now, this will not happen however with a mega yacht. They have full-time professional crews of 8 to 15 and for many dollars will be happy to cater to your every desire. Charter boats and cruising areas can be found throughout the world. Simply pick the area you wish to cruise in, then find a company with operations in that area and make contact with them. Generally, each cruising area will have a high season and an off-season. Rates will vary by about 40-50 % between seasons.