Boating Tips - Basic Tools
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Learn must have tips and advice from The Encyclopedia of Boating Tips. In this video,you'll learn about gathering basic tools.


A fishing tackle box is an excellent container for storing a basic set of boating tools. Once a year, it's a good idea to remove all the tools for cleaning and lubrication. A rusty tool is useless. Choose the types and size of tools you think you may need depending on the size of your boat. All tools should be of the highest quality. It is plain silly to buy cheap tools that will probably break, just we need them the most. These small film containers are ideal to keep nuts and bolts. While cruising, you really don't need hardware in quantity, you need hardware in variety. You can have 20 spears on hand but the one that breaks will not be amongst your supplies. That's almost guaranteed. When working near water, attach 0.43 to your tool, in case it slips from your hand and mariners. There are probably more drills and tools enter boats than at a Sear store. Some boaters carry a large magnet, and that help them picking up lost tools. Forget the magnet, dive overboard or buy a new tool. On a cruising boat, you should carry at least a 12-volt drill with a high speed drill bit set and other drill accessories, a claw hammer and a bolt cutter, a socket and open wrench set, Allen Wrenches, various pliers and screwdrivers, epoxy glue and some fiber glass and adjustable wrench set, hose clamps of various sizes, cable ties, a set of nuts and bolts and a wiring terminal kit. You need some basic tools for electric work. These are needed for stripping and crimping wire and measuring voltages and resistances. Basic electrical skills are not hard to learn and will pay a big dividends when the equipment breaks down.