Block Coloring a British (Bob Haircut)
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For a MORE FREE Hair Coloring Techniques and How to Color Block a British Bob Haircut, SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter and get access to the whole FREE series HERE: Block Coloring is a very popular Hair Coloring Techniques amongst creative hair coloring artists. In this episode, hair coloring expert Kelle uses a unique block coloring technique to spice up a modern British Bob Haircut, or what she calls a British Shag. Color Blocking is a process in which color is adde...


Amy E.: I am Amy E, and we are here with ScissorBoy, and we are going to be interviewing Kelle at Vertical Clearance Salon and she is going to be doing Color Blocking with some Color Correction and also a mod British Shag haircut. Let's go watch. They have got some great decorations in here, apparently their receptionist also design the whole place, but the floor is 19 years old and it's from the previous hairstylists. We are both Pisces and we are both got blue eyes, we decided we are twins and this is Suzanne the model, and she is going to have to hair done in a Kelle: Block Coloring Technique. Amy E.: What's that? Kelle: Instead of doing an allover highlight or a bunch of different colors we use two different colors and bigger pattern sections to break up one mat color. Suzanne here has a box color on her hair, so what I want to do is keep the darkness of her hair, but add some shine and depth and dimension into it. Amy E.: How's that? What the block color does, it adds shine and dimension and color? Kelle: Yes, so what I want to do is just make sure that it all blends together naturally, so because of the round of the head I am going to start with the flattest point, which is where the comb lays flat at the top of head. This is where you want to start your Block Coloring technique, and pivot around the triangle sections. Depending on how many colors you want to use with your Block coloring, you can use 2, 3, 4, however, many colors you want. I am choosing to go with 2 today, so I am going go alternate between the 2 colors. Amy E.: And what are the two colors you have chosen? Kelle: The first color is just a straight gold additive, so it's a no level gold color that is going to add straight shine, it's not going to have any brown base to it, so it's just strict yellow, that's for pure shine. The second color I am using is a violet base with a slight green additive to it, to add some extra shine and depth pretty much. Amy E.: So this is the violet? Kelle: That's the violet base with a slight green additive to it Amy E.: And it's oxidized -- so is that what --? Kelle: Yes, it's oxidized and now I am mixing it and it's turning into a beautiful like mauve color. With her skin tone I would like to emphasize a lot of this violet base around her face. I think it would bring her skin tone out a lot. We have also discussed a shorter fringe around her forehead, so by having - -I think I am going to put the violet in the middle with the two gold on the side, that way it will enhance that one violet color on just that much part. We are going to want to start in the back and move forward. Amy E.: Why? Kelle: That way, because everything is going to kind of want to fall back, down here, this section on the bottom is going to go with the haircut that we previously discussed, it's going to be taken pretty short. So I want to collapse this down color wise, which is the more blue tones in the color, so the violet will actually give that more of a flatter effect. So by putting the darker color into there, its' just going to enhance that shortness. Amy E.: Is that because your eye goes to the light color first. Kelle: Yes. Amy E.: Okay, and so you have already previously discussed the haircut, and it's important to do that. Kelle: Very. Amy E.: Why? Kelle: Because your color can effect the haircut, and the haircut can effect the color. You can have someone come in with one, had a color, and then cut it and it will look completely different. So because you are doing the 2 services at the same time, a pre discussion of the color and where the placement is going to be, is crucial to how it's going to place the triangle. Amy E.: Crucial, and you have agreed to this. Suzanne: Of course. Amy E.: Okay, have five. Let's do it. Kelle: So I am applying from the back and then working my way forward, that way when we are done applying all the color and as she is processing all of the color will be away from her face, and nothing will falling.