Black Labrador Hunting Dog
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Black Labrador Hunting Dog: A profile of this wonderful family and sporting dog by the Arizona Game and Fish Department.


Bebe is almost three-year-old Labrador Retriever, female. And she, being a female is a little bit smaller than some of the Labrador males you will see. She is shorter and stockier than many of the Labs that you see in United States because there’s almost the deviation now between Field lines and what they call English show lines. Bebe is of English line so she has a lot of hunting in her background. Most Labs are very muleti-purpose dogs from being the family couch potato to being a therapy dog. Bebe actually goes to visit assisted living homes and enjoys visiting the elderly and little kids. Labradors are used a lot for hunting, for pets, for therapy work, for guide dogs, assistant dogs in many levels. They’re really a multi-purpose dog. They’re originally are water dogs. They came in the way back days from New Finland. They were exported to England where they became great upland field dogs, water dogs, marsh dogs because they are waterproof coat and their webfeet allow them to be in marshy areas, and they love to swim so they’ll go out and get the ducks and geese that are down in the water. Well, they are the number one dog in the United States now probably in the world. And one of the primary reasons for that is that they are very, very people-oriented. They’ll do just about do anything for their people. Whatever you ask of them, they’ll do it. They’re extremely calm and gentle around kids and older people. Anywhere you look, you’ll find a family that has a beloved story about a Labrador and their kids growing up and baby scrolling all over the Lab and pulling their tails. Not that we recommend that kind of behavior but they just love being around people, they love kids and are probably one of the finest family dogs because they are so people-oriented and food hounds. This dog actually eats about three cups of food today. She doesn’t eat a whole lot. She’s very active. I try and keep my dogs in good trim because one of the easiest things in the world is to let a Labrador get overweight. They love their food. They’ll clean your plate, they steal things off the counter, and if you free-feed them just put a dish down on the floor they’ll eat until it’s gone. So, in order to keep mine from being obese which is very easy to happen, they get a kind of short rations or at least they think they’re short rations. She has been known to bring me her dinner dish for more.