Bin Laden's Relatives Get Short Sentences
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A Pakistani court sentenced Osama bin Laden's female relatives to 45 days detention. His three widows and two of his daughters are expected to be deported later this month. (April 2)


SHOTLIST:US DOD - AP CLIENTS ONLYFILE: Abbottabad - No date known1. Osama bin Laden watching himself on TVAP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLYFILE: Abbottabad, 3 May 20112. Various exteriors of Osama bin Laden's compound AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLYIslamabad - 2 April 20123. Security outside house where family members of slain Osama bin Laden are being detained4. Wide of house with security in front of gate5. Mid of security6. Mohammed Amir Khalil (left), lawyer of Osama bin Laden's family escorts Zakariya Ahmad Abd Al-Fattah brother-in-law of bin Laden, as he leaves the house where Osama bin Laden's family are being detained7. SOUNDBITE (English) Mohammed Amir Khalil, bin Laden family lawyer:"They have been sentenced and convicted for 45 days and besides each one of the accused is also imposed a penalty of 10-thousand each." ++QUALITY AS INCOMING++8. Zakariya Ahmed Abd Al-Fattah, Osama Bin Laden's brother-in-law UPSOUND (Arabic)9. Mid of Zakariya getting into his car10. Various of security standing on balcony of house11. Mid of security in front of houseUS DOD - AP CLIENTS ONLYFILE: Undated12. Various of Osama bin LadenSCRIPTOsama bin Laden had been holed up with 27 other people when a team of US Navy SEALS raided his compound in Abbottabad and killed him last May. He'd spent nine of his post-September 11th years on the run in Pakistan.Now a Pakistani court has convicted his three widows and two of his daughters -- currently detained in a heavily guarded house in the capital. They were found guilty of illegally entering and living in the country.Lawyers and relatives came out from behind the walls to deliver news of the verdict...SOTthat 10,000 rupee fine is the equivalent of around $110 dollars. And as the women have received credit for time served, Bin Laden's brother-in-law says they should be heading back to their home countries shortly -- two of the wives are from Saudi Arabia, and one is Yemeni.The case treads on a number of sensitive issues for Pakistan. The army faced rare domestic criticism following the US raid that killed the al-Qaida chief because they were powerless to stop it. Citizens also said bin Laden's presence in the country for so long either pointed to the military's incompetence or complicity.(****END****)VIDEO PRODUCER/VOICER: Karen Sloan------------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: US DOD/ AP TELEVISION--------------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: Rene Mann------------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: AP CLIENTS ONLY----------------------------------WIRE SOURCE: AP------------------------------------