Bill Clinton Called Obama 'Amateur' in New Book
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A new book book says former President Bill Clinton called President Obama an "amateur" and "incompetent."


(Image source: The White House )   BY CHRISTINA HARTMAN   The New York Post is calling a new book a “Bill Blockbuster.” The book says former President Bill Clinton called President Obama an “amateur.” Here’s how Fox News describes it. “Bill Clinton campaigning for President Obama but it looks like he wasn’t always so supportive. An explosive new book claims he … even begged his wife to quit her job as Secretary of State to run against him in the primaries.” Quoting the book,  the New York Post reports , “Bill Clinton unloaded on Obama and pressed Hillary to run against her boss... Obama, Bill Clinton said, ‘doesn’t know how to be president’...” Former President Clinton has recently been working with the Obama reelection team to help fundraise for the campaign. So the allegation the former president urged his wife to run against President Obama is a subject of suspicion among supporters of the president.   He also just appeared in this much-talked about campaign ad highlighting President Obama’s success in the operation that killed Osama bin Laden. Conservative author Edward Klein wrote the book. He’s also written books about the Kennedys and about Hillary Clinton. Which is why MSNBC’s Chuck Todd tells his viewers — what some are calling a bombshell... might actually be bull. “Ehhh... We’d check the source on this one, trust us. … He loves to write salacious Clinton books... I would say that this story is just unbelievable. One thing we know about Bill Clinton is he generally has good political instincts.” But Ed Morrissey of conservative blog Hot Air points out — Klein is a former New York Times Magazine and Newsweek editor — and says he thinks the author is the real deal. “The Clintons will deny the quotes, and they’ll go after Klein as a tool... [Klein’s] no amateur. This new book just might have to be The Official Book of the Obamateurism Series here at Hot Air. It definitely makes my reading list.” White House spokesman Eric Schultz called the book’s claims “nonsense.”