Best Video Games for the Holidays
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If you have got a gamer on your holiday list, but are not sure which games to choose, never fear. We are here with a holiday hot list with fun, exciting games the whole family will love.


Host: if you’ve got a gamer on your holiday list but aren’t sure which games to choose, never fear. That’s because we’re here with the holiday hot list from EA Play with fun exciting games the entire family is going to love. From a first person shooter with a softer touch to a virtual menagerie looking for love to some old family classics with a high tech twist that even grandma would love. This holiday season, there’s a family friendly video game for every taste. Female: Video games can definitely bring the whole family together as well as any type of age ranges so you can play with your five-year-old or your 95-year-old Host: First up for that action loving boy on your list, how about the Nerf N Strike Elite which doubles as a video game shooter and a real life Nerf toy. Female: Nerf N Strike is a really fun follow up to the number one Wii shooter game of 2008. This is where kids can take a really fun Nerf gun, put their Wii mode in it and blast away. Then they can also have this really cool red reveal that will have secret codes when the kids are playing the game. Host: Next, young girls love the Littlest Pet Shop series which has sold 200 million copies to date and this holiday season brings a brand new game Littlest Pet Shop Friends for the Nintendo Wii and DS. Female: All the pets are preparing for the party of the year because there’s a special guest coming and they have to prepare invitations, ice cream, etc. It’s a lot of fun. Host: Girl games are pretty big this holiday season and tweens will love the new Charm Girls Club which is full of fashionable fun. There Charm Girls Pajama Party for the Wii and Charm Girls My Perfect Prom for the DS. Female: Charm Girls Club is actually girlishiousness and what that means is that all these girls are preparing for the perfect prom or the pajama party and it’s just a lot mini games and customization that girls, older girls especially will enjoy. Host: And then there’s a game that will intrigue both your son and your daughter. My SIMS Agent is the newest in the My SIMS series and is full of fun missions and puzzles that will keep the kids entertained and learning for hours on end. Female: Because you’re trying to solve this mystery as well as foil the evil plan of a sinister character within the game. Host: And if you’re looking for something for the whole family to play together, look no further than Hasbro Family Game Night 2. Just like the first in the series, it takes classic real life games and give them a fun virtual twist. Female: This time we have Bobbit, Operation, Connect Four and PIctureka and these are really fun games that the whole family can enjoy. Host: So make your holiday list and check it twice and remember, family friendly video games can be really nice. Alright and before you head to the video store, get familiar with the ESRB rating guide. It’ll give you a better idea of which games are safe and appropriate for children of every age group. Today, Better is giving you the gift of music. Today, we’re giving away a Zoon HD worth $219.00 and when you enter to win this MP3 player, you’ll automatically be entered to win our grand prize of $5,000.00. sounds pretty good to me. Just log on to Click on the holiday daily giveaway banner and MP3 player and $5,000.00 actually could be yours today. Good luck.