Best Sleeping Positions for Babies
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Back to Sleep' is an American education campaign encouraging parents to put babies to sleep on their back rather than on their tummies. Neonatalogist Dr Nancy Wright explains how this reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.


Felicia Foley: This is Dos. I just kind of want go over some safety issues for the baby; you probably notice that we put this little sign here that’s back to sleep. You probably kind of wandering what that’s all about. The back to seat program is an effort to educate our parents about safety for their baby, we teach them to place the babies on the back in the crib when they put them to sleep in an all the cribs we put this little sign to remind them and we just continually reinforce that when you put your babies to sleep put them on their backs not on their side not on their stomachs. This is an in effort hopefully to prevent certain infant death syndrome. Do I make sure he is well wrapped, but he feels secured. Unknown Speaker: Okay. Felicia Foley: Okay then you just gently place here on her back like this you don’t want to roll blankets or towels in proper on her side all or you want to put on her back. Dr. Nancy Right: We know in the intensive care unit, were babies are all monitored we can watch them sleeping and we know they sleep much more deeply when they on their stomach. They don’t wake up is often they go in to deeper sleep, sleep studies confirm this when you on your stomach you sleep more deeply. The problem is if you have a baby you will never meant to sleep very deeply you are supposed to wake up and breast feed every couple of hours through the night, if you put our babies on their tummy and they go in to a very deep sleep, some babies may have problems in terms of remembering to wake up and breath, that’s called apnea or forgetting to breath. Felicia Foley: Years ago we would tell parents to put the babies on their side, and even on their stomach but the studies have found that even by propping them on their side the babies can still flop over under their stomachs and possibly suffocate. Dr. Nancy Right: Sure many research studies they found that if you put a baby on their back the risk of sins or sudden infant deaths and syndrome drops dramatically. We think its because they don’t sleep quite as deeply because they never get in to that really deep sleep were there are meant to go initially, and so through research we found that putting babies back to sleep were on their back to sleep is much safer than putting them on their tummies even though we know they sleep much more quietly and deeply in on their stomachs.