Best Outdoor Activities in Martha's Vineyard
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Looking for a new outdoor adventure? Plum Correspondent Jason Oosthuizen shows us everything from kite boarding to frisbee golf as he explores some of the fun outdoor activities available on island


Best Outdoor Activities in Martha's Vineyard With breath taking views and a wide range of outdoor activities in the island the vineyard has no shortage of options for those who want to get some fresh air and have a great time doing it. Let’s keep the record straight though. These are not your everyday bike rides and beach trips as you’re about to find out. So let’s check it out. While Obama might be teeing off at -- on an oldest afternoon, the rest of us can warm up with a round of frisbee golf just off Florence Road. This summer is hotter than it looks. Next take the scenic rock and head over to the land bank trails of Menemsha hills to check out panoramic views. As a matter of interest, it is established as a protected area in the 1980s. The trail’s open to the public from sunrise to sundown. The first tempts to cut surf when the early 1900s. In the 1970s and 80s, development of kayak surfing as a sport started to take shape and this sport has thrived year around, venue this and tourists alike can be seen kayak surfing on a windy day, and lessons are available at So let the wind pull you across the water or in my case, take a swim. Talk about a bird’s eye view, biplane rides at Katama Airfield if they’ll give you a full aerial experience. Let’s do this. The airfield at Katama was originally a training facility for pilots during World War II. Today though, the sky is a little friendlier and biplane rides happen daily. Just be sure to head over to the historic Right Fork Diner afterwards. Good American lunch. That’s it for today’s outdoor edition of Plum picks. Enjoy the weather and remember, the best things in life are Plum.