Best DVD Movie Releases of 2012
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Canadian Press film expert John McKay says 2012 was a banner year for films on home video, both new titles and restored classics. McKay's top five picks include "The Dark Knight Rises," and "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."


This isn't easy, picking only five top titles on home video, and of course it's highly subjective. But here goes: No. 5 – The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I was skeptical that anyone could, or needed to, remake any of the original Swedish film versions of the Millennium trilogy. But David Fincher brought a uniquely dark vision to the project with thrilling results. No. 4 – The Dark Knight Rises. A comic-hero reboot film, filled with action, F/X and a surprisingly strong story that wraps up Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. Also available as part of the three-title Dark Knight box set. No. 3 – The Descendants. No action, no special effects, no sex or violence. Just a wonderfully touching performance by George Clooney and supporting cast in Alexander Payne's sometimes humorous, sometimes heart-breaking story of a crisis in a deep-rooted Hawaiian family. No. 2 – Hugo. Martin Scorsese's visually sumptuous tribute to French silent film pioneer George Melies, which included clips from the brilliant restoration of Melies' hand-painted-in-colour 1901 classic original, A Trip to the Moon. No. 1 – Lawrence of Arabia . I have to give the top spot to this meticulous and breathtaking restoration and remastering of David Lean's 50-year-old classic. It looks and sounds brand new and reminds us of the days when a cast of thousands onscreen was real, and not created in a computer.