Best Aging Advice for Women
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Dr. Kharazmi shares the best anti aging advice he has for women.


Empowher Asks: What is the best women’s advice you could give? Dr. Mohammad Kharazmi Serves As The Anti-Aging Medicine Specialist At GIAA Honestly it comes down to the basics, which is, one, you are what you eat and I really believe in that. I think what happens is that every decade we realize in America that our health is declining in certain aspects although our healthcare is becoming more impressive in treating these issues and one of the major problems I think is diet and nutrition. I think we have moved away significantly to an environment where we’re exposing ourselves to really, really bad products that are processed foods, that are adulterated, that are genetically engineered’ things that your body is not used to seeing basically. It comes back to the same premise, keep your body as natural as possible, expose it to things that it’s used to seeing and minimize exposure to things that it’s not used to seeing. That’s as simple as you can say. What I mean by that is simply, keep your food as natural as possible, minimize toxic exposures and ultimately you got to introduce exercise as a part of health maintenance. Anybody, even who is obese, who exercises, has a better health outcome than a 70-year-old skinny person. So, you cannot tell me that doesn’t play a crucial role in terms of longevity and good health. It’s a crucial part of your health in general. So, diet and nutrition, it’s very, very important. Included with it is lifestyle goals of exercise and ultimately one last aspect of health which I think is not being addressed as much and in fact, a lot of individuals are plagued with, is stress. We’re exposing ourselves to stressors that are phenomenal in terms of work schedules, a lot more complicated lifestyles. What that means is that a majority of people don’t have a downtime to really deal with these stressors and as a result of that, are dealing with a lot of health issues as a consequence. Remember, anytime you’re in stress, you’re producing a lot of ill hormones, bad hormones, that’s the catabolic hormones that we talked about earlier and what happens is that you’re causing your body to break down further, okay? When you relax your body, several things happen. You’re inducing the anabolic hormones that again, build you back up. In addition, you’re actually improving your whole immune system to fight off bad cells like cancer cells, regenerating neurons, a lot of good things happen. So, in a capsule: diet, nutrition obviously, exercise and relaxation techniques.