Benihana Birthday Party: Ninja Family Meal
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Daddy Clay shares his birthday idea to host a kids birthday party at a teppanyaki Japanese restaurant. These Benihana style restaurants provide the perfect birthday places to have a great birthday party for kids. Japanese steakhouses, Mongolian BBQ, and hibachi grills make great family dining, and are guaranteed to provide memorable kids birthday parties.


Daddy Clay: Dad. Mongolian barbecue is so much better than Teppanyaki. Today's episode of Quality Time is brought to you by BabyBjorn. When you head it out to a restaurant you really one got choice to make soft bib or Deep smile. Now, what's more American than having out to a birthday dinner in a Japanese themed restaurant for westernized food prepared by a guy named Chava from Veracruz. Then talking about it on a website sponsored by a Swedish baby gear company. By wife and I are very pro taking the kids out to eat at places that will force them to try knew things, which is why we jumped in the chance when momy Octavia invited us to go out to eat at local Teppanyaki restaurant to celebrate the birthday of the younger's. Teppanyaki is a kind of Japanese steakhouse that sort of become synonymous with one particular chain of restaurants, Benihana. First of all got a little bit of soft spot for Benihana, because when daddy Clay was just boy Clay his favorite place to go out for birthday dinner was Benihana, so you get huge shout and nostalgia all I wanted to do is put a kenney loggins a track and player of the Chevy - station Vegan and hope. The entertainment is in the form of table side preparation of the food. Basically the whole table is a joint griddle; where the chef prepares fried rice, vegetables, beef chicken shrimp all of it by the front of you. When I was a kid these guys were basically food preparation ninjas. Flashing knives use with incredible speed and precision, things on fire, yet basically combined the very best elements of fine dining and cage fighting. When you are making your reservation definitely ask for their best guy and play the birthday card "Little Jimmy -- is nice birthday we don't want to somebody to screw it up. The good chefs are really amazing, they engage with kids, they have got tricks and they really embrace the role as entertainer. We generally think up the food these places are being healthy, which in not same exactly diet pacl Watch your chef as he puts a huge dollop of butter in the fried rice. Livestrong says that stuff has 500 calories a cup and I couldn't believe because that crap is delicious. Is it authentic? No not even like, but who cares, it's like it as takes them out of their comfort zone its something new its different, the big downside with teppanyaki restaurants obviously is the price. A Private Chef at your table does not come cheap. Kid's meals are generally around ten or eleven bucks. Nice flaming yon, which you definitely deserve can what product you have to buy 22 bucks and throw well you can do the math. So this is special occasions for sure. Now if you live on a bigger town, like Austin, you may be able to find the off brand Teppanyaki place which is won't be definitely do. And another downside of taking kids to these nice restaurants is they can turn into a little food snobs The next thing you know they are watching "Throw Down with Bobby Flay" and food network and saying things like: "I know it's Gruyere, but how long has it been aged?" That's not good. If you have got some ideas about taking kids out, for a special night out, please let us know, go to, join in the conversation there, if really is one the very best parents forms online a special thanks to momy Octavia and Iman for inviting us along with them for a very special birthday dinner and also thanks to our sponsors, BabyBjorn. It's a beautiful buffea about standing European design. BabyBjorn. We'll see you next time, on Quality Time.