Benefits of Using Cloth Diapers
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Shannon provides you information on the newest versions of cloth diapers.


Benefits of Using Cloth Diapers Hi, I'm Shannon host of mommy matter for We get a lot of questions about cloth diapers these days. As you know there are a lot of choices out on the market today it’s not the way it was when our parents were doing cloth diapers. With cloth diapers some of the pros its chemical free option or it has the potential to be. One of the main things when you're considering cloth diapers is thinking about the whole process. So if you were to pick a cloth diaper that suite your lifestyle there's a lot of options. So you want to think about what's closer to your baby’s skin what's in it how are you going to handle it at home. A lot of people are thinking about pros and cons. Others are thinking about how am I going to get these things clean? Am I going to throw it in my own washing machine, am I going to hire a service to come out that also has the pro of some of the services can actually bring you the diapers. So talking about the different types of cloth diapers we have all in one, you have what they call pocket diapers they have something called the G diaper, a lot of different options out there. I think he cons that have to do with cloth diapers are really boiled down to just the convenience of going out and about. When you're at home you can have your whole system setup and it’s really what works for you but when you go out into the world whether or not it means you're going to the day care, you're out at the restaurant you just want to be thinking about how is this going to work for you? It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing choice. You can do cloth at home and disposables on the go and still feel good that you're doing something good for the environment. The final thing to think about of course is cost. This is something we got a lot of questions about overall what are you going to save by going with cloth over disposable. And this is going to boil down to which option you go with or bearing prices whether you do the all in ones are you buying in sizes when your child gets older and then how are you getting them cleaned at home or out. So I hope this information was helpful and I’d love for you to come to to get more information about cloth diapers. I hope you have a great day.