Benefits of Homemade Baby Food
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In this video we discuss the benefits oh homemade food for your babies.


Hi, welcome to mommy matters. I'm Shannon here today to talk to you about the benefits of making your own baby food. You're probably super careful during your pregnancy to consider what you're eating and exactly what your baby was getting in your diet. So, it only makes sense to continue that vigilance really about what you're feeding your baby. Making your own baby food is fast. It's really easy. It's very efficient. You can make it with certainly the products that you already have in your own home. You could purchase additional specific baby food making products but you can really make it with whatever you have at home already and that even includes the food that’s already probably in your house. It's super simple. You do want to talk to your pediatrician before you get started just about when to start baby, which foods to start with but it's a very simple process and it is something where it doesn’t take a lot of time. You could spend probably two hours and get a months worth of food to store in your freezer. You're going to puree the food, pour it into these little cubes, freeze it and just pull it out as needed so again, super easy. The other neat thing is you know exactly what’s going into your baby’s food. So, you know we’re always very careful about allergies in the beginning and there will be no question. If your baby has a reaction to something you fed them, you'll know exactly what went into it. It's also a great transition to table food because again, you can just kind of play with the consistency of the food and it's a very smooth transition to what they’re eating what you have on your plate, just a little bit more purred at different consistencies. So, very simple to get them eating what big brothers and sisters, mom and dad are eating as well. So again, you can make baby food at home with everything you have in your kitchen at the moment. If you do decide to make any new purchases, they will pay for themselves time and time again. I hope this information was helpful if you consider making baby food at home. If you like any more information, please visit our website Thanks and have a great day.