Being Dad - Bring the Baby Home
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The baby's home and all the hurdles and stresses of pregnancy are out of the way- Now what? In this installment, guys learn what they can do now that the baby is home.


Dakota Mitchell: Hi, I’m Dakota Mitchell, one of the dozens from Being Dad DVD. Sam Holt: And I’m Sam Holt, one of the many dads from around the world in Being Dad Two. Dakota Mitchell: And this is another installment on The Being Dad Blog Series and today we’re going to talk about what happens when you bring your wife and your child home and you’re sitting there and you’re, “Oh my God what now?” Sam Holt: And you know if you’ve watch the Being Dad film, all the guys have the same thing and we actually captured in Being Dad Two a dad and a mom bringing the baby home on film. He actually—walks in, looks at the camera and says, “Well, what am I supposed to do?” So, we put together a list of seven tips from Dads, from the film, you can stick it on the refrigerator and they can refer to it. Dakota Mitchell: And these are some of the things we can do in the first few weeks to kind of make things easier for— Sam Holt: To help her out, help you out. Dakota Mitchell: I know one of the first ones is cooking for her and making sure that meals are in the freezer that she can get herself of. And we got to o back to work sometimes. We want to make things easy to get to her if you can in terms of having food prepared and ready to go. Sam Holt: Yeah and just be able to have some things frozen in the freezer so that you can pull it out and just defrost it neat and quickly when you’re trying to cook with the baby it’s a great thing to do. Dakota Mitchell: Definitely. Sam Holt: I mean taking the baby for a walk is a big that all dads should do to get some time with the baby and to give mom a bright, yeah. Dakota Mitchell: Definitely let her take a nap, fuel up for the net time that she feeds all that other good stuff. Sam Holt: And it’s scary for the dad to take the baby out for the first time so you got to convince him to you know even if it’s the first time he sit a walker on a block. Dakota Mitchell: Definitely. No, when we’re taking a baby out for a walk one of the best things we did was we got enough flakes. So, we got a bunch of DVDs that we just—placing. And she got to sit there and hangout with herself for a while. I took him up for a day and stroll. Sam Holt: And Being Dad and Being Dad Two are available in— Dakota Mitchell: Phenomenal, rent those many, many times. Sam Holt: And if you can’t get in— Dakota Mitchell: Yeah definitely. Sam Holt: Yeah. Dakota Mitchell: That’s true. A lot of like that and one of the other things and it goes along with The Being Dad DVD is picking up parenting DVDs and things like that so around the same page in terms of where we’re heading in terms of parenting skills. Sam Holt: Lots of—some things like sleeping and feeding and exercise so yeah I mean on our website there’s a link there, a parenting resource link and we’ve actually listed probably 10 really good DVDs you can watch. Dakota Mitchell: I didn’t even know that. I’m going to go check that out today. Sam Holt: Come in. Dakota Mitchell: Okay, I know if she’s having breast milk that one of the things we can do is help out and feed the baby. Sam Holt: Yeah. Dakota Mitchell: It’s a great way to connect with the baby. And again give her some free time. Sam Holt: Yeah, we talk about that in a breast feeding blog didn’t we? Dakota Mitchell: Yeah. Sam Holt: I mean sitting there with your baby, just taking the bottle in and looking into its eyes when you can go and have a shower or a bath and he’s bonding with the baby— Dakota Mitchell: Yeah it’s really a great way and that was one of the other installments that we had so go back and check that out. Getting up at least once during the night to help feed. I know for me that was tough but I also realized how hard it was for her of being lack of—having lack of sleep and everything else so we really make that effort to help out during the night time feedings also. Sam Holt: Well, especially now that there are so many parents who both work you know it’s not fair that the mom’s the one getting up during the night so sitting down and once again it comes down to expectations before the baby comes home to say you know you have to get up every other time or every third time or whatever it is and whatever works for you, you know. Dakota Mitchell: Well something that really works for both of you yeah and along those same lines you guys are both going to be tired so you know as much as you don’t want to shock your baby try not to have too many visitors come into the house. You want to really kind of keep it kind of quiet and—for a while. Sam Holt: Well I think it’s a great role for the guys to do is to almost be the traffic warden of the house and to be monitoring how many people are or are not coming in and you know to be ensuring that you’re not bombarded with guests the whole time. Dakota Mitchell: Yes. Definitely for two weeks. You’ll be excited and you will want to show off your baby but you really want to take that time to really you know kind of gear up for what’s going to be happening with the rest of your life. Sam Holt: Yeah so we’ve got lots of tips and we want to go into them all but we’ve put them into a PDF that you can print of, stick it on to the refrigerator and if he’s walking around you can just point him towards the refrigerator and he can go and find something on the list to do. Dakota Mitchell: He’s got that and plenty more information and updates that we have on