Being Dad - Bonding with your Baby
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Guys: Learn how to initiate the critical stage of bonding with your baby while it's still in the womb. Ladies: Learn how to get your man to bond with your coming baby


Dakota Mitchell: HI, I’m Dakota Mitchell. I’m one of the dozens of dads on Being Dad the DVD. Sam Holt: And I’m Sam Holt, one of the many dads around the world in Being Dad Two, Bringing the Baby Home. Dakota Mitchell: And this is part of the Being Dad Blog Series and today, we’re going to be talking about bonding with your baby. And that’s not easy is it? Sam Holt: Not as a guy, it’s pretty tough when you’re not carrying the baby around and you know it’s a very difficult process but an important one. Dakota Mitchell: Definitely. Well today, we’ve got five basic points that we’re going to hit in terms of how you can help bond with your baby. First one is you got to give the baby name. Sam Holt: I agree. I mean you know it’s very difficult as a dad talking to a stomach but once you give the baby a nickname and potentially even finding out that sex can help with that because then you can give an appropriate nickname. Dakota Mitchell: Definitely. That was number two and that actually help us out quite a bit because for us we were kind of expecting and hoping for a girl but we found out we had a boy so my nickname went to a God of Thunder worked out perfectly. Sam Holt: Yeah I agree I mean I think that it’s a great way to get him thinking about the person and to stop visualizing a real little man or little girl. Dakota Mitchell: Yeah definitely. Lets you kind of going to the store and figure out what you’re going to buy for your baby girl or baby boy. Sam Holt: Exactly. Dakota Mitchell: So, and then we kind of get through one and two and the third thing that we talk about was going to the ultrasound. And you said that was really important for you. Sam Holt: Yeah I mean we’ve interviewed thousands of dads and you know that all dad picture is worth a thousand words, it’s never more true than for the ultrasounds and you know the recommendation that I think we would give together is that whatever you do make sure that he comes along with you to the ultrasounds. If he can’t for a work—change the time and day because categorically it changes your entire view on the pregnancy. Dakota Mitchell: Well, it definitely help does because we want to find that we did have a boy and he had a little rocket that we got to see so really starting to personalize you know what we’re having for the baby. Sam Holt: I mean just about it for a dad gets, it links to the—when I see that first image. Dakota Mitchell: —yeah I think so. Now, along with that once you’ve got a name and you kind of see what the baby looks like we’d talk about, talking with your baby, experimenting with music and maybe reading to the baby. Sam Holt: Yeah I think that is guys. I mean we need to see evidence. We need to do something and see a result and I think playing music is a great way of doing that. You can put some music on and the baby will actually starts dancing around, you can workout lot sorts of music he or she does and doesn’t like. Dakota Mitchell: Oh I think it absolutely help my baby because he is a dancing machine now and he’ll dance from anything, from—and he’ll rock out to a little bit of Metallica. Sam Holt: And he’s a big— Dakota Mitchell: Yeah but we got to keep that. And probably the last and most important thing we talk about was building your baby and that was dealing with nutrition and cooking. Sam Holt: Well, it’s a huge topic isn’t it and I mean we can’t really go into it in great data but the real point to it is that if he understands what foods contribute to what parts of the baby’s development so you know broccoli for example has got lots of folate which can help with brain development. Chicken has lots of protein which helps with muscle development so we can all upload a PDF which you can use to give to him, so that he can understand that when he makes you breakfast, lunch or dinner, he is actually helping the baby grow and I think as a guy once again that is a really important thing to know that something that we are doing is contributing to the baby’s growth and health. Dakota Mitchell: Yeah and I think that PDF helps a lot because a lot of guys don’t know what foods to put together when they’re trying to come up with foods. And that really helps them feel like they’re involved in the whole process. Sam Holt: Yeah so you can check back here and download a copy of that. Dakota Mitchell: Yeah and then check out every week for more blogs and updates from site. Thanks.