Beginner's guide to YouTube - #5 - Connecting with the YouTube community
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One of the key benefits to being part of the YouTube community (aside from the untold number of amusing pet clips or course) is being able to comment on videos. YouTube community members can comment with either text comments or by posting a video response.


Welcome back to the Beginners Guide to YouTube series. A great benefit of belonging to the YouTube community is the ability to participate by commenting on people’s videos. This not only provides feedback for the creator of the video, but also can create a conversation among the people commenting. There are two ways you can post a comment. You can click on Post A Text Response and type in your comment here. You're free to type what you like but YouTube members can rate your comment up or down by clicking on this thumb icons. When viewing text comments, you have the option of showing all comments or comments with a specific score based on those votes. You can also reply to a certain comment instead of the video as a whole. The other way to comment is by video. Click on Post a Video Response. You can choose to record a video with your webcam. You just need to give YouTube access to your webcam first. You can also select a video that you’ve already uploaded or you can upload a new video. Besides just leaving and reading comments about a video, you can also view statistics and data for the video. This shows when the video was added, how many times it’s been viewed, the ratings its received, how many times it’s been saved to someone’s favorites and how many comments and responses it has. You can also honors for the video which would show you the high rankings it’s held or of it’s been highly discussed or highly viewed for a day. Last, you’ll see the sites that link to this video. Remember, there are ten parts to these series so don’t forget to check out the other parts in the Beginners Guide to YouTube series.