Beginner's Guide to Hotmail - #7 - Stay Organized with Hotmail's Calendar
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Your Hotmail account also comes with a calendar that you can use to help keep events organized. In this episode we'll show you how to stay organized by setting up your own calendar, and adding events to it.


Beginner's Guide to Hotmail - #7 - Stay Organized with Hotmail's Calendar Welcome back to the Beginners Guide to Hotmail Series. In your Hotmail account, you’ll see a link to your calendar. This is your very own Windows Live calendar. First, select your time zone so your calendar will be accurate when you’re creating events and appointments. This calendar can help you stay on top of everything going on in your life whether it’s a meeting at work or Friend’s birthday. You can also create multiple calendars like one for work and one for personal. To create a new calendar, first give it a name then choose a color to be associated with it and its events. You can also add a description. You can also check this box to receive a daily email of events happening. Then click on Save and that’s it. Now to add an event to your calendar, first, click on the day of the event and then click on Add. Now give the “what and where” and choose a calendar you want it to be associated with then at the start in and times. You can also choose to add more detail like it should be a recurring event. Choose to have a reminder sent to you and specific amount of time before hand and you can add a description and mark if you’re tentative free away or busy. Now you’ll see that event n your calendar. And when you hover over it, you’ll see the summary and you can go back and edit or delete it. You can choose to show or hide certain calendar’s events by clicking on the check mark next to each calendar. Remember, there are 10 parts to these series so don’t forget to check out the other episodes in the Beginner’s Guide to Hotmail series.