Beer at Kids Birthday Parties
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To Beer or not to Beer. Your kids birthday party is coming up - should you tap the keg, or keep it drier than a new diaper?


Clay: Welcome back down into the lounge. Daddy Clay. Brad: Daddy Brad. Clay: This week we are going to be taking on a topic that's surprisingly controversial. Brad: Paper versus plastic. Clay: It's that kind of social issue. Question, beer at children's birthday parties. Brad: It's a kids party, not a party for the adults. Heck, we didn't even have alcohol at our wedding. Well, I bet that was a freaking roaring party, wasn't it? Clay: Now in order to get some feedback on this, and I don't want to give away my own personal glass on this issue. Brad: Yeah, me neither. Clay: So to remain neutral, I thought what I should do is, I should solicit some opinions on this. So I turned on my Google machine, and I went up there on to the interwebs, and I asked a bunch of my favorite Daddy bloggers and Mommy bloggers what they thought, and also as you know, Daddy Brad, I am a regular columnist at You can find me there at, and so I have published a questionnaire, what do you think, gatherers, about this question, Beer at birthday parties, and then responses were surprising. Brad: Yeah, it seems like that the folks were pretty much very passionate about which side of the isle they were on. Clay: Yeah, yeah. And that was really this, the world evidently divides between gatherers and bloggers. Because they are pretty much on either side of the fence. My daddy bloggers you know sort of ranged from, you know what I am saying, it's okay, if you are responsible, John Havens from BlogTalkRadio said, you know, it's fine, I have gone to kids parties, there is a barbecue, and it's totally appropriate he says. If there is party inside someone's house, where there isn't adult food, maybe it would be a no, no, but he was pretty much on it. Travis Holmes observed and Travis is at his blog, is the Holmes, H-O-L-M-E-S. He said, it's totally okay, to invite the people, but while people would bring beer to a kids birthday party, they wouldn't really drink it. So he said that's pretty much just me, and a few other Dads nursing a few bruise throughout the afternoon, and at the end of it, we are left with a huge fridge full of beer, not the worst side effective of a party but still, so that's exactly like a win to me, if you have a party. Brad: Yeah that's good, that's good. But I don't think Priscilla from gather, one of your gather folks would be going. She said, no way. In fact, I won't even go to a birthday party for children if there is going to be alcohol present. You know I wonder if that translate to restaurants for she has eaten all time Burger King and Chick Fillet. And Oh, Bridget says, right there with Priscilla, I say, absolutely not. I know people who do, and I think that's absurd, absurd, these guys are absurd, it's a kids party, not a party for the adults. Heck! We didn't have alcohol at our wedding. Well, I think that was a freaking, roaring party, wasn't it? Clay: It's pretty a long way away from Sarah over the Suburban Oblivion. She says, I can barely deal with my own three kids without drinking, bringing another 20 others around at once makes alcohol a requirement. Brad: Oh, that's interesting, because Heather says, a requirement, only if your family is a big bunch of alcoholic. Beer isn't a kiddie drink, and if the adults can't go on an hour or two without a beer, then there is a big problem with them that they likely aren't ready to admit. And we need to help them up for an intervention. Clay: Now one of my favorite comments came from Momo Fali, and Momo Fali has a blog, Momo Fali's, and I really liked her response, because it was both, it was both an opinion, it was a take, and it was also sort of a tip. And she said, I am offered beer at birthday parties, how else can you get parents to do the Limbo? Naturally, that's always, that was supposed to be for the kids. Also, I find a sweating beer bottle is great for putting on those little tattoos. So there is a hint for you. Brad: That's great. Clay: I love that, I think that's beautiful, it's like, yes, you got to have beer, you have beer at the party, and you can use it to put on tattoos Brad: That's a good thing, you know maybe -- Clay: I have often found that drinking beer leads to tattoos like the ones that don't wash off. Brad: Well, probably would at this party. Kimmy Ale says, the receptionist in my office had a birthday party for her six year old son, and ordered five Kegs. She got so drunk, she was hung over for two days. Bad idea. Clay: You know that's totally overkilled, totally overkilled three Kegs would have been -- Brad: Yeah, I think so, and you probably would have ended up with the tattoo and then other things. Clay: Three Kegs is more than enough. Brad: Saber Win here says, I remember parties for kids that ended so badly, because a few of the adults over did it. I don't remember them finally from my childhood, so now you know what, I bet those adults don't remember it either. I mean, good Lord, come on! You are going to the kids birthday party, you get wasted. Clay: Yeah, I do, there was actually one birthday party that I remember, and it was a birthday party, it was this, it was kind of like a block party as a birthday, whole thing, and the whole neighborhood was there. So it was like, there was barbecue and there was people drinking, they had to set up this big blow up thing. And you know it was like, they had sprinklers on it, you slide through it, and splash, and it was cute. I mean, the kids really went, and some, as happens, some drunk guy jumps in there and starts sliding around, and that's funny, I think the dude tweaked his knee. Brad: How is your knee my friend? Clay: Did you have to out me? Brad: Dude, to see you cruising down a slipping slide. Clay: Okay so I think, little Tony whose blog Concretans by the way is really funny, really good, if you like, if you are kind of skate park guy, skate park dad, alternate dad, concrete, this is a good one for you. You know he says, the part of your survey is much more fun with beer, but the aftermath, read mommy's stink eye, will be much worse. So it depends on the mom boss to dad ratio, how much adult supervision is available. so he is saying you know, yeah, you can have a beer, but there maybe some mom fall out on that. Brad: Yeah, could be, could be. Clay: Well you know, I guess it comes down to personal decision, and I think my favorite responses were those like these, lookydaddy, great, fantastic hillarious blog, of course he sent me a funny, he said, Clay, I am confused, are you asking, if beer at my kids birthday party is okay, or you are asking me whether or not we serve beer or a different alcohol like Vodka, because honestly the first question doesn't even make sense. So I guess he is pro. And Robert at Coochikoo, great design product blog. Moderation responsibility your key, that's very Robert. He says, I don't think having drinking games or beer races is a good idea. Brad: Yeah, that's probably not a good idea. At least the big people on the slipping slide. Here is what I don't understand, this is kind of somewhere I think that, I wanted to be middle of the road, but kind of went otherwise. This is from Nanya Hawk, and Nanya says, I wouldn't serve beer, now, if I have one in the fridge, and someone asks me for it, think you are having. But planning on serving beer for the adults at the kids birthday party, well, that's just a plain no, no. So I guess if you kind of premeditated a plan on beer, it's bad. Clay: If somebody steals the beer? Brad: But if it simultaneously turns into a big riparian joke, fine. Clay: If somebody comes into the kitchen and gets loaded in a bathroom -- Brad: That's okay. Clay: Fine. Bard: Fine, and then plan it. Clay: I understand that. Brad: Yeah, interesting. Clay: Neal Pollack came across with his usual subtle comment. Neal of, if you haven't been there to see the group of blogs that are there, even you need to go and check that out some funny, funny bloggers over there, and Neal Pollack, author of Alternadad says, and I can't do a Neal, I wish could do. But here is my Neal, it's like, why is