Beautiful Stranger with Summer at FIT in NY
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Beautiful Stranger.TV spends some time outside of F.I.T. and spots and tracks down Summer, a student who loves to shop. Wearing a sweater coat by Lara Kazan bought at Henri Bendel, an old Juicy Couture bag, Patricia Field jewels and shades by Chanel, this


Beautiful Stranger with Summer at FIT in NY My name is Summer. I actually just stifle at times to it. Currently living in the West Village. My sweater jacket is Lara Kazan. And the dress, from Intermix. The bag is actually Juicy Couture, but it’s been like Ninth Grade, so I like it. It’s like sentimental. My glasses are Chanel. Right now, I’m wearing a kind of overcoat. I got this at Henri Bendel. My boots, I got it at There were tears of cut through at Easy Spirit. Yeah, I go there often because I like that they have designers that you might not have ever heard of, but have like really cool different pieces. I have on some jewelry from Henri Bendel, all except for the handcuff bracelets. It’s Patricia Field. And this, I just got like a little shop in L.A. I just went to L.A. It’s a snake. It’s Kenneth Jaitley. This is from kind of I know since Cara couture. This is just kind of how it looks. I just wash and go. And I get a haircut once a year because it’s tangley and a mess. My sister is a cosmetologist, so she cuts me. Kiwi that I got from Ricky’s, I think. The fragrance that I have right now is Coco Mademoiselle. Beauty products, I use Revive face wash. I don’t really wear makeup. But if I do, I wear Bare Essentials. My favorite, favorite designer is Chanel. Between Chanel and Rag-Bone is normally what I live for. It’s the D&G gladiator flaps. I’ve been into the store like 20 times. They’re getting one of each size. And there was like a huge waiting list. So I feel like that’s really something great for the summer. I beg, beg, beg my family. I want to have my own production company, hopefully. So what I’m thinking is I’ll work for someone and steal all their ideas and then do it better. When I go the grocery store, I take my own bag. I don’t do plastic. And I recycle.