Beautiful Stranger with Alex at FIT in NY
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Beautiful Stranger.TV hangs around outside of F.I.T. and spots and chases after Alex, a student of photography who hails from Maine. Wearing a very lovely vintage swing coat lined in pink satin and over-the-knee socks by H+M.


Beautiful Stranger with Alex at FIT in NY My name is Alex. Currently, I am a student here at FIT. I am a Photography major. Interning at Details magazine in the Photography department. I’m from Maine originally. Not much. I guess, I love New York so much that it’s kind of hard, but I dip quiet. It’s nice sometimes. That’s what I like about going home is the quiet in the ocean. I am wearing shoes, some Oxford heels from Nine West, knee socks from HM, dress from HM. This is from J Crew. Belt is vintage and the bracelet is from my aunt. It’s a gift and a vintage swing coat. They’re from a vintage shop as well. They’re like paper mache earring. Actually, just got a haircut in this salon in Portland, Maine when I was home for spring break. It’s called Ferrichia. I try to use some Neutrogena powder on my face, like L’Oreal eye liner, Dior show mascara. That is something I love and that basically is very beauty buys for me and I wear Clinique Happy. I do yoga actually here as one of my classes. That’s my form of exercise. Going to school for something that I love. Being a photographer in editorial portrait and fashion photographer and fine arts as well, that would be my dream job. Prada, Balenciaga, and Marni, 0149 for London and those are probably my top four. Vintage stores, the Barneys warehouse sale when it’s going on. The HM for basics, American Apparel for basics. One in port in Maine called the Encore. That’s honestly the beauty shop I’ve ever been in. And I really like family jewels on 23rd street. This is where I got these clothes actually. Take pictures, but that’s also kind of score as well, shopping, greeting. Best book I’ve ever read is Tom Robbin’s Still Life with Woodpecker. And it’s my favorite book of all time. I’m not driving. It’s easy to do here, but I just use public transport and try to not drink bottled water because that’s bad for the environment as well.