Bathroom Design Tips - Glass Mosaic Tiles
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Glass mosaic tile is great on floors, walls or showers or around mirrors.


It's another DIY Network Bathtastic Quick Tip. Glass mosaic tile is a great addition to any bathroom. It comes in hundreds of styles and colors it can be used in lots of ways. From a counter top, to a mirror, to a tub or shower or a full wall. You can really get creative. Glass is great for a bath room since, it will won't absorb water and it's easy to clean. Since glass tile is usually transparent make sure your thin set is white, so it doesn't alter the color of the tile. Here is a simple method for cutting it. All we need is a straight edge and a glass cutting tool. I am just going to score these pieces gently then I am going to slide a piece of copper wire underneath and snap off the edges, just like that. And if you try to drill through glass tile, you are going to shatter it. So, here's the way around it. Score the glass, bust up the tile, then drop the anchor in the wall. I am Matt Muenster from DIY Network. For all things, home improvement go to, 24x7.