Bathing Your Kids - Tub Time Safety Tips
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DadLabs Ep. 304 Gear Daddy - When it comes to tub time: let's be careful out there, people! In this episode, Daddy Troy hits a gusher of helpful hints. Watch a steady flow of info on monitoring tub temperature, preventing falls, and generally keeping the guppies out of trouble in the porcelain pond. This video is brought to you by Boon. Distributed by Tubemogul.


Welcome back to Gear Daddy. I am your host Daddy Troy. This whole week on DadLabs, it has been about bath time and today on Gear Daddy we are going to talk about bath tub safety. This is being sponsored by Boon, Innovation for Modern Parents and I am giving away a lot of series of Boons swag today. So, stick around to the end to the end of video and I will tell you how to get some. So, what is the most dangerous part of a bath tub? I will give you a second. Water. Water is the most dangerous part of the bath tub because even just a few inches of water, a kid can drown so, never ever leave your kid alone in the bath tub. Use it as a great time to interact with your kid. When you think about the tub in the water specifically is that water can be too hot, can scold the kid in just a few seconds. So, you definitely want to be measuring the temperature of the water with your hand or wrist or elbow as it is entering the tub. Once you fill that tub, there can also be different parts of the other tub that are hot and cold. You want to swirl around with your hand, and then once you got a full tub, there is a great tech devices that we can use to actually measure the temperature. This one right here is from Safety First. This is a kind of similar to the forehead thermometers that you might have seen and it tells you the exact temperature of the water. This is the other one that I really like. This is from Summer and it is an actual LAD, a flashing LAD, yellow means too cold; green warm; then just write, and then red is too hot and it has actually a digital read outs. It can tell the exact temperature as well. Sassy has a little soft duck, standard soft duck and it has an indicator on the bottom and who ducks like your thing. You can go to this munchkin brand, a cow with that clips to keep with theme and it has an indicator on the bottom and these are really cool here. You peel and stick this in your tub and this is your note slip pads that go into the bottom of the tub and they also register temperature when it is magenta, it is too hot. Just because you personally measure the temperature, realize that it may fluctuate as it is entering the tub or that your child may go open and actually turn it on while he or she is in the tub. So, a great thing to do is go to your water heater and turn down the temperature so that the maximum temperature ever on the house is below that which will not burn the child. Another way to keep your kid from ever burning him or herself by accidentally turning it too hot is to insert the barrier mat such as the baby bath gate. It can keep the heat away from the controls and it also keeps the kid from falling and actually hitting his or her head on the controls or the faucet. You can also use from Boon the flow. I have used this for about two years now and the flow, this is just really a cool device. So, it is easy to put on. Check it out. Open the duck, stick it on, it allows the water to come out, it comes out in a nice little waterfall type fashion that the kids really enjoy playing with it. It allows you to rinse your kid hair with ease and it keeps your kid from banging his or her head. It has also got a fun little reservoir where you can put colored tablets or you could put some sort of bubbly type of material that the kid have fun with in the bath and the kid can self dispense and press him this little button right here. Not only that but it looks really cool as well. Well, that is it for Gear Daddy. Remember we are giving away some serious Boon bash swag this week. All you have to do is go to the and leave a comment on this episode or any of these week’s episodes. We will see you next time.