Bath Tips For Baby
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Learn some tips for your baby's first bath


Hi everybody! I'm Melanie Raposo and welcome to Mommy's Minute. It's time for your baby's first bath. So here are some tips to help you out. First, you'll need a small baby tub. This will help new parents with the pain of sore back and knees and will also help your baby sit more comfortably. Then fill the tub with 2-3 inches of warm water and test the water with your elbow to make sure it's not too hot. Then gently ease your baby into the tub with one hand supporting its head and neck. Remember to use a little bit of mild soap as it can easily dry out your child's skin. Then get a small cloth to wipe your newborn's face and clean the genital area after every diaper change. Until your baby is more active, you will only need to bathe them two to three times a week. Finally, wrap your baby in a soft warm towel and pat them dry. Then put on a clean diaper and clothes and you're good to go.