Barbecued Beef Short Ribs
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Daisy makes tira de asado, or barbecued beef short ribs, for family dinner.


Barbecued Beef Short Ribs Daisy Martinez: I went to the broacher and he told me that this short ribs cut not lengthwise but across is called a Dita de Asagle literally it’s a strip for the grilled. And its cuts the fiber short with actually in fact helps tenderize the meat, so you can see you had cut off across, you have all those rib instead of one long rib and there really, really flavorful and beefed and delicious. And I’m going to take care of this now, what I like to do is marinated them a little bit with vinegar because the vinegar brines up the meat and plumps up the meat cells and that’s really, really great into great way also to draw the salt into the meat. I’m all about that we want flavor. So I’m going to ahead and put his on a sheet tray, where going to salt and pepper them and then I’m going to show you another trick that I love. So we when to Argentina and we when to on what they call a day trip to way into Stanza farm. And when we when where met by actual gauchos you know when full regalion, horses on the whole nine yards and they had grilles, I’m not kidding they where larger than this than the island here in my house. It just packed with chorizos and morcillas the blood sausage of Argentina and this dita de Asado the grill short ribs I never eat so good in my life. I swear I was just unbelievable so delicious. Now when my kids hear me say barbecue, its not just barbecue, it’s Asado. We do it Argentina’s style and a half ground pepper and really pack that in there and now I’m going to switch this up this little vinegar trick this is a amazing trick you can use this with chicken, with pork, with beef and really, really helps to tenderize the meat and enjoy the flavors in. I love it and it adds a nice a little note to your meats, to your protein. Okay, let me gets some plastic rap on that and where going to set this aside for about 30 minutes, if you going to do it for longer than that I wont say put in the fridge but we’re get into this in short time. Okay. Dauther: So what I can do? Daisy Martinez: You know what you can taste that tomatillo salsa for me? Daughter: Sure. Daisy Martinez: I’m going to this the meat on the grilled because going to take about 6 minutes on each side that’s the way Jerry likes the medium rear. Does it need anything? Female: No, buts it’s absolutely perfect. Daisy Martinez: Oh, awesome and when your little girl you would say a little more salt, a little more pepper. And this just going to the whole house is going to come alive in 2 seconds, wait till they smell this meat in the TV room. I’m going to take a look this meat. It’s coming along nicely. Six minutes on each side then nice and springing not too mushy that how we like it Casa Daisy.