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Some of the happiest dad memories can come from barbecuing in the backyard during the great weather. Sprinklers, bounce houses, and pools always do the trick for the kids. Burgers, dogs buns are the recipe for food fun. Invite a few couples and their kids to round out the company and crack open a cold one.


Daddy Clay: We are taking a few steps out of the lab this week to bring you an episode all about the humble backyard barbeque. I am Daddy Clay: Daddy Brad: And I am Daddy Brad. This week is brought to you by One Step Ahead, great baby gear for every step of the way, One Step Ahead. Daddy Clay: You know Daddy Brad, I have to say that in my 10 years of fatherhood, I can say that most of my contented memories, happiest memories takes place right here at the grill backyard barbeque. It is my day, perfect day. Daddy Brad: Yes, not a big production, your friends, your burgers, your cold drinks, something to attract the kids, Daddy Nirvana. Daddy Clay: Yes, you do not want a big deal. A big deal, that is entertaining. We will tell you about backyard barbeque having a good time. If you do not have time to have a backyard barbeque, every so often, you got to promise too. Daddy Brad: Yeah. Just look at the basic ingredients, the good backyard barbeque. Daddy Clay: Now to me, a good cook out is not too kid centric, like you want to watch them being really cute in playing while you enjoy an adult beverage. Say, you want to give them something to distract them, Place Gate is great, it rocks, they have so much fun but it is pretty familiar. So, you might want to spice things up a little bit. Give them a little twist, maybe just the sprinklers, it is just good enough. A gift, for my sister in law. Awesome. You go through this cool inflatable from One Step Ahead. You are done. Daddy Brad: The classics just work. Burgers, dogs, sausage, maybe some chicken, maybe a shrimp. Do not get too fancy, you know wasabe and custard infused ham sandwich with hard to choke heart puree, you do not need them man, you do not need to go overboard. Do the basics, burgers, dogs, buns, fun. Daddy Clay: So what goes on the cooler? Well, of course you got cheer up. What you got to do with some boxes here I am sure? What you really want is plenty of beer and wine. I know a lot of people feel a little bit uncomfortable drinking around the kids. You are not invited so please stay the hell home. Me? I want to make sure I have plenty of beer, not too fancy basic but I do like to have a light, also dark. I love these cases right now there is a sunny Casco the modelo its got both the dark style and the light, perfect for me and then of course plenty of the Good Ole American standby for Daddy Brad. Lots of it, in case, two cases. You can get loaded. Also, I like to keep that one in there for the ladies. Cheap Australian, fine for me, leader in a half, this one I prefer that way I am not putting corks the whole time. And you know what? I am going to tell you, I am not afraid of the pink. You can not scare me with this pink stuff. It is summer time. Drink is good, taste nice. You will be surprised. Lots of good pinks out there now and do not even think it, okay? Because I like pink, alright? Pretty enough and a red too. Put a red on the ice chest, I do not care. It keeps it cool. There is a lot here Make sure you have plenty of it. You do not want to run out of it, you know what to do, do not think too fancy, just make sure there is plenty of it. Daddy Brad: A few friends. This is a good example. You do not want to mean this assholes around any more than four couples and their kids. You got a big production and you do not want a big production. Daddy Clay: So, it is late in the day. The sun is going down, the music is playing, the smell, the food cooking on the barbecue and my little son looks up to me and says “Hold me daddy”. I mean, that is just -- it is just, it is absolutely a tab as my perfect moment. Daddy Brad: The key is low key. If it gets too big, you are too fancy, you would not do it. And you should do it, the backyard barbeque. Daddy Clay: It is essential. Daddy Brad: Yes. I mean you know it. Daddy Clay: If you do not have time for it, I am telling you, you got to reorder your priorities, get those backyard barbeques in. Now, we may want to hear from you. Please contact us. Go right now to