Bad Eating Habits of Men
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You want to kick those old eating habits and get on the track to a muscular frame? Join Better as we find out how to take control of our fitness this summer.


Audra Lowe: It’s time to take a look at his point of view when you know summer is just around the corner so now it’s time for you and Amanda sort your summer beach body programs like those abs are still a break through the winner flab. Matt Bean is here and he is the bran editor at men’s health magazine and he is going to pick up on the men to put a change today. Matt Bean: Pick on the men for a change. Audra Lowe: We are going to pick on the men because we are always talking about the women and talks about some of the bad habits of the guys have right? Matt Bean: Guys have more bad habits I didn’t know. Audra Lowe: You’re exposing to more right now. Matt Bean: May bad habits have bad habits. Audra Lowe: Well typically on our show we are talking about the bad habits of women but we are focusing on the men and the first thing you say is that guys skip meals or snacks, is that a huge thing that guys do right? Matt Bean: Especially when they’re busy or they’re trying to make up for band or something like that and that’s the worst thing you can do if you trying to let the abs show for beaches. Because when you skip meals that basically taste your will power and it holds in under water. You do not have any well power so what happens is when you presented with the bad food choice your gorge it’s a lot harder for you to prevent yourself for making bad choices so— Audra Lowe: Is easy to break that out of though or at the top? Matt Bean: It’s not hard I mean you are going to eat the breakfast in the morning and that sets the tone, you want some eggs you want some good protein but 3 to 5 kind of meals throughout the day with 100 to 200 calorie snacks in between twice a day that’s all you really need and that is your baseline if you just eat regularly rather than cramping the host and then going crazy. Audra Lowe: Yeah, and you straight in yourself. Okay now the other bad habit number two, speed eating. I see a lot of guys doing this. Matt Bean: Right, no I do that myself and here is the problem, when you speed eat your stomach doesn’t have time to signal your brain that it’s full so they did the study they actually had guys eat ice cream. Some guys took the ice cream in five minutes, some guys eat the ice cream over half an hour and by the end of they are probably slept with the straw. Audra Lowe: Right. Matt Bean: The point being when they look at the hormones in this guys brains, the fullest hormone the hormone that basically says well do you stop it was far more presence in the guys that take a lot more time to eat there meal so— Audra Lowe: The salty snacks that’s another bad habit that guys have right? Matt Bean: Sure, that’s bad because there is a of calories especially in chips and other things they are just no good for you to carbs so your body accommodates to your level of salt and take if you win yourself off from salty snack after a while and something that’s only a little bit salted that you know in three weeks might seem very salted. Audra Lowe: You realize how much we are alike men and women when you see these lists actually. Some other things are different but some of them are so much alike. Thank you very much Matt. If you guys want to see more ways to break your bad eating habit and slim down by summer you got to pick up men’s health magazine it’s available now.