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Taryn Brooks and Jane Aldridge of "Sea of Shoes" take us on a shopping vintage clothing shopping spree to show us how to mix and match. At the end of their journey viewers get an inside look into their photo shoot where they showcase their findings!


Back to School/Texas Style Taryn Brooks: Hey, I’m Taryn from Cambio Style and we are in Dallas, Texas now in my home state as I fly Texas fly. I’m so excited because we are going to do a little shopping at the famous fashion blogger Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes. Jane Aldridge has this sense and styles, and she’s going to take us through some of her favorite vintage shop around town and then we’re going to put together. It’s a really great back to pull off. That will be sure to get new model in our very own fashion shoot just like from Jane fashion shoot. So stick around us and maybe I’m off to the show. Hey, Jane. Jane Aldridge: Hey, Taryn. Taryn Brooks: How are you? Jane Aldridge: Good. Taryn Brooks: I am so excited to finally meet you. Jane Aldridge: Oh, me too. Taryn Brooks: I was like really excited to reply your blog for two years. Now, I think you’re amazing. Jane Aldridge: Oh, so flattered to hear about it. I started Sea of Shoes when I was 15. I called my blog “Sea of Shoes” because I think that shoe is the foundation of any outfit. Once you put on something that you really love, you feel confident and people will recognize that or respect that. Taryn Brooks: We needed to go shopping together, right? Jane Aldridge: I know I’m so excited and we’re going to be putting together some back-to-school look for a photo shoot this afternoon. Taryn Brooks: Oh, my God. It’s so fun. This is like my dream come true. Let’s get started. Jane Aldridge: Yeah, definitely. Taryn Brooks: Okay, awesome. Jane Aldridge: I’m thinking you like putting one line of this sort. Taryn Brooks: I love those. Jane Aldridge: That’s why you still have a summer tan. Taryn Brooks: Yeah. Jane Aldridge: It looks super cute. Taryn Brooks: I was loving the freckles. Jane Aldridge: It’s flowy. I love it. Taryn Brooks: This is bomb. I look out for this. Only in tuck of this can you get those people. These are amazing. Jane Aldridge: This shoe is like a bunch of kind of shoe laces tied together. Taryn Brooks: Oh, so cool. Jane Aldridge: So let’s go to Archive so can you find. Taryn Brooks: Okay. Oh, my goodness. This is dangerous. We can get into some trouble in here. I feel like -- Jane Aldridge: This is Archive Vintage and it’s one of my favorite stores in Dallas and here you’ll find everything from Yves Saint Laurent to Chanel and Geoffrey Beene is also-- Taryn Brooks: They’re really amazing pieces. Jane Aldridge: Well, I was immediately drawn to this Geoffrey Beene skirt. Taryn Brooks: I grab this. I thought this is that you like it through. Jane Aldridge: Oh, my God. Taryn Brooks: Sorry for this. Jane Aldridge: I fell in love with those dress. Taryn Brooks: I love that dress. Basically -- Jane Aldridge: Super duper. Taryn Brooks: And the fabric is really cool. Okay, Jane I think we found more than enough stock here. I think we hit the jackpot. I can’t wait to what we find at the night store. Jane Aldridge: Yeah. You’re going to love it and have fun. Taryn Brooks: Okay, cool -- yeah, let’s do it. Jane Aldridge: Thank you. Taryn Brooks: Wow, this is really cool. Oh, I like that a lot. Sure like it lifted out from factory? Jane Aldridge: Yeah. Embellished belt are a great friend of --. Taryn Brooks: Yeah. You bought other option? Some sort of styling? Jane Aldridge: Yes. That’s what I’ve been waiting for. I’m so excited. Taryn Brooks: Can you have over. Jane Aldridge: Yeah, definitely. Taryn Brooks: Okay, let’s go. Jane Aldridge: We are up to the photo shoot. Female: Okay, you’re ready guys? Compress together. Oh -- Jane Aldridge: Yeah, this is a Norman Norell dress from the 50s. Taryn Brooks: I love it. Jane Aldridge: I was in love. I love this for you. Taryn Brooks: It’s so great and then I’m wearing the leather short from V O B. Jane Aldridge: Yeah. Taryn Brooks: It was a Vanessa Bruno, really cool blouse that we found. Jane Aldridge: Uh-hum. Taryn Brooks: I have on this amazing Alexander Wang shoes. Jane Aldridge: These are crazy rhythm. Taryn Brooks: Yeah, from V O D which I’m a fan of their line and it’s insane. These jeans are City Street by JC Penney and the top is from Laurent V O D we picked up on the street. Jane Aldridge: Yeah. It’s so beautiful on you. It was like matriarch. Taryn Brooks: Oh, my God. Thank you. I love pairing vintage tops with my own jean. And all your jewelry is JC Penney. Jane Aldridge: It’s JC Penney. Taryn Brooks: Which is so much fun-- yeah, this is chunky and lots of that layers. I think your look is awesome like boho type, back-to-school look. Jane Aldridge: Yeah. I wanted some joke. Taryn Brooks: Yeah. It’s really acoustic. So what are you wearing? Jane Aldridge: I’m wearing a vintage Oscar de la Renta skirt. Taryn Brooks: It’s gorgeous. Jane Aldridge: That I’ve got from Archive. Taryn Brooks: It’s amazing. Jane Aldridge: And this is a little top that I put some silly spice on. Taryn Brooks: Just like a little crop top, and they have high -- Jane Aldridge: Uh-huh and a cardigan that’s from V O D. It’s Yves Laurent. Taryn Brooks: It’s gorgeous. And I think this should be great for back-to-school because it’s so conservative, you got cardigan with long skirt but it’s really -- Jane Aldridge: I’m paying all the school the regulations. Taryn Brooks: You’re right. Jane Aldridge: Yeah, exactly but it’s still like very Bohemian and you look super cool so I love it. And thank you guys so much. I have the best time shopping with you guys and taking pictures with you. Jane Aldridge: Oh, me too. Female: Same with you. Taryn Brooks: It was so much fun. I can’t thank you enough. I think we found some really, really cool back-to-school look. Well, guys thank you so much for watching. Be sure and check out Jane blog It is amazing, amazing. This girl is fashionista at its finest. Be sure to check out our website for more and we’ll see you guys next time. Bye. Jane Aldridge: Bye. Taryn Brooks: This is week is actually your needs of the week because we have to add some items from JC Penney. The first one is this great black little mini by Olsenboye. It’s really fun and girly with the bubble ham, you can wear it going out with your friends or going shopping. It’s perfect. I love it. And we also have this great big purple tote by Decree and it’s perfect for going back to school because you can take your laptop and your book that’s got tons of room and it gets all your stuff. So go check out these items with JC Penney and you will be ready to go back to school. Check this out from more news of the week at Cambio Style.