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Better.TV shares some back-to-school themed children and teens books.


Audra Lowe: Hi guys going back to school can be rough on all of us but if your kids having a tough time with the transition you might want to try a book; something different here Scholastic has some great school themes to read that'll make first day back to school all that much smother. It's that time of year again time to send the kids back to school and Scholastic has some books to get them ready for class. Suzanne Murphy: The child may not be talking about how they feel about going back to school. But through a book they can start this conversations. Audra Lowe: First up, picture books for the youngsters starting school for the very first time like I'm Your Bus. Suzanne Murphy: It's this wonderful, brightly illustrated book with a great rhymes that talks about how special your bus is and what it how it's greater to see your bus come around the corner and how great it's to see your bus at the end of the day that will take you home. Audra Lowe: Picture books can also teach important lessons like the brand new Clifford book; Clifford, The Champion. Suzanne Murphy: Clifford decides he wants to compete and he's competing against a very aggressive, champion champ dog and he has to learn how to be a good competitor and everything that comes with doing the best she can and you can't always win. Audra Lowe: And for those great schooler who are a little nervous about their first day, try Happy School Year. Suzanne Murphy: It's about a bunch of kids around town who are waking up in the morning, they're packing their lunches. They all get to school in different ways but it's a way for kids she realized, I'm not the only one going back to school and I'm gonna see all my friends once I get there. Audra Lowe: Great school is also a good time to bring up important issues, with books like Billy Bully. Suzanne Murphy: It's about a Billy Bully who really, really tries to push his way into having friends and he kind of does the wrong things and he's, he is a boy but he learned that it's much better to try to get along with people and it's a great way for him to go back and try to make friends with each of the kids. So for kids who might be dealing with bullying issues, it's very comforting to read this and there's also kids who might recognize their own behavior and think, I can be a little nicer, I could share a little bit better. Audra Lowe: Middle school can also be a tough time for kids but books like How I Survived Middle School handle it, with a little humor. Suzanne Murphy: It's a fictional series about a girl and her friends in middle school. But it has a lot of heart to it and the situations are very realistic in many way but there is a lot of comedy in the story. Audra Lowe: And don't forget Meg Cabot tween series, Allie Frinkle's Rules for Girls, the latest installment is Drama Queens. Suzanne Murphy: Allie auditions for the school play and she doesn't get the part that she wants but it's again about competition, how you get along with friends, how you strive for things and disappointment and learning from your experiences. So it brings all that great humor that Meg Cabot wins for all her books but with a really, really great school based story. Audra Lowe: And for boys Scholastic recommends Bobby Vs. the Girls Accidentally. Suzanne Murphy: He runs for school, resident and his older sister's underwear stuck the back of his -- panties static clinging and his dad is a former football star and he has to lift her to live up to that, he's kind of geeky and Bobby just but really adorable character. Audra Lowe: Now for high school, girls dealing with peer pressure will relate to The Comeback. Suzanne Murphy: This is about the most popular girl in high school. She stop at the cutest boyfriend, she has got the best friends, the best cloth, and she just excels at everything and along comes a new girl, gets her boyfriend, gets her friends and often she finds herself out. Audra Lowe: Whereas boys will gravitate to the thrilling novel Gentlemen. Suzanne Murphy: It's a really wonderful horror, mystery thriller about four boys in high school and have this really fantastic English teacher. These boys are sort of from the other side of the tracks and they never really been treated that respectfully by school. He encourages them; he calls them gentlemen and treats them with some respect. but it turns out he's not all that he seems. So when there's a murder in town, their beloved teacher actually is a suspect. Audra Lowe: So this year, along with the school supplies, why not pick up a book; it might make all the difference in your child's back to school experience.