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What to wear on the first day of school can be an agonizing choice! The Cambio Style Team will help make it a snap, and will pick a lucky fan to make-over. The style team will surprise the lucky fan at her house for a complete style makeover. The stylists go through the fans closet and bedroom to get a sense of her style and really learn why this lucky fan needs the shopping spree/make over of her dreams. With wishful good luck shout out from the celebrity, they head to JCPenney.


Back to School Taryn Brooks: Hey guys what's up Taryn Brooks and welcome Cambio style I'm so excited because right now we are downtown Los Angeles actually the home of one of our lucky fans and we are about to give a her ambush make over I'm going to meet up with the style team and we’re going to head upstairs and surprise are lucky fan. Hey guys how are you? Thank you all so much for coming. Are folks excited to surprise Merlyn? Marissa: Extremely. Taryn Brooks: I am too. She has no idea it’s going to be so much fun. Michelle: Alright. Taryn Brooks: Okay, so I'm here with Marissa and Michelle and we’re so excited we are sneaking up on a winner of our lucky fan from Cambio style and we going to give her a surprise make over and were so excited. Michelle: Great. Taryn Brooks: Okay, let’s go. Merlyn: Oh my God. Taryn Brooks: Hi Merlyn. How are you? I'm Taryn and this is Michelle and Marissa. Merlyn: Hi. Taryn Brooks: And we are form Cambio Style and we’re going to give you a whole new look. Merlyn: Come on in. Taryn Brooks: Yey. Thank you. So Merlyn why did you apply, like why did you need a new look? Merlyn: I just wearing same things for a long time and so I want to get like kind of a new style for my senior year. Taryn Brooks: Yeah. You're going back to school? Merlyn: Uh-hm. Taryn Brooks: Awesome. Well this is Michelle and this is Marissa. Merlyn: Hi, nice to meet you. Taryn Brooks: They are amazing stylist. They’ve done the Jonas Brothers. All kinds of celebrities Marissa: Hi. I’m Marissa Machado and I'm the hair make up artist for Cambio style. Michelle: Hello. My name is Michelle Tomaszewski and I'm the celebrity fashion stylist. Marissa: I really do love my job because I work with various celebrities, traveling, fashion, film, print and most recently I have been working with the Jonas brothers. Michelle: My idea of style, it comes from within. I think it's important when you see someone put together an outfit that the clothes are not wearing them. They’re wearing the clothes. Taryn Brooks: Well I know you're going back to school and you’ll need to get that good look so they’re going to go through your stuff and see what they can do. Merlyn: Okay. Taryn Brooks: Are you excited? Merlyn: Yeah. Taryn Brooks: Well let's go see what you have? Merlyn: Alright this way. Here we are, this is my room, and this is my closet. Michelle: Okay. Merlyn: It’s not a lot but… Michelle: Oh, Let’s take a look and what she said, let’s see what we have and see we can make better. Merlyn: Okay. Michelle: Alright so the ruffles like this, we can let this one go and as far as like these types of skirts even though I like the bit s and pieces on top here but I think like as far as ruffles, we just our silhouettes so definitely do better and this sweater to theirs a sweaters are in but we should get cardigans. Merlyn: Cardigans. Michelle: Yeah. Merlyn: Okay. Michelle: And what about blazers? Merlyn: I think they’re really cool but I don’t really have any. Michelle: Because I think blazers for back to school is definitely a turn piece that work that really good on you. Marissa: Alright Merlyn. Merlyn: Well the money goes there. Marissa: Now this is where I get comfortable. I’m loving that you have this deal of perfecting concealer because this is one my favorite products. Not only do I use it on myself but a lot of my celebrity clients. I think could everything look basic. I think we just a kind of amp it up bit. Add a little bit more to your make-up bag and you’re going to be on your way for back to school. Merlyn: Okay. Marissa: How’s that sound? Merlyn: That sounds great. Marissa: Alright. Taryn Brooks: Hey Merlyn. Merlyn: Hi. Taryn Brooks: How’s it going in here? Merlyn: Pretty good. Taryn Brooks: Yeah. I’m going through all the make-ups and stuff. Marissa: Merlyn’s actually got a lot of nice products already, products that I use. Taryn Brooks: Oh good for you. Marissa: We’re just going to build up on that and really complete the back to school look. Taryn Brooks: Well if I head over to JC Penny and get this going. Merlyn: Yey. Let's go. Taryn Brooks: Yey. Let's do it. Michelle: So here you are. This is the jeggings. This is definitely the hot trends for back to school. Merlyn: That looks like my size. Alright cool. Michelle: What do you think so far of what you seen and what we’ve chosen? Merlyn: I think were—I am really confident about it and I know it’s going to look good. Michelle: And over here are the blazers that I was talking about that I thought would be perfect. It goes with everything, with the jeggings, with different flats, with t-shirts, with dresses you definitely commit and you can wear over and over again. Merlyn: Over and over again. Michelle: So Merlyn what you think? Merlyn: I'm really excited. Michelle: Right cool. Let’s go get your size and then let’s go meet Taryn in the dressing room. Merlyn: Okay. That’s good. Michelle: Alright cool. So what we've done, we’d just started out with tainted moisturizer. One that’s on and smooth up and then we’re going to go to your concealer. Really my application with this, just kind of pad it in and blend out the edges. You don’t have to put it everywhere really just where the discoloration is. Okay? Merlyn: Okay. Michelle: This is by NARS. It is a shier eye stick and the best part is you just rub it all over and you don’t need to brush or anything. You can go all the way to the brow with this product because it’s so light and we just going to take our a finger and smudge it in. it just kind brightens up the eye right? Merlyn: Yeah. Michelle: Just little bit not too much. Now look at the mirror, how do you feel? Merlyn: I feel I'm not wearing make-up and that’s like how I like to feel though. Taryn Brooks: So Michelle we’re about the Merlyn first look? Michelle: I haven’t seen it yet. I know you have but I'm so excited definitely this is the great back to school outfit. Taryn Brooks: Awesome like the way you see it. Let’s call out Merlyn and let’s see your first look. Oh so cute. Michelle: She’s wearing Olsenboye boots, Decree for Jacket and a black dress form City Streets. Taryn Brooks: And you are going to have the best back to school wardrobe of all your friends. Michelle: I'm sure for sure. Taryn Brooks: Well let's see the next look, I'm excited. Michelle: Okay, let's do it. Taryn Brooks: Oh my gosh. I love it look at you. Michelle: She has Arizona flag shirt and Olsenboye dress and Arizona Dorothy shoes. Taryn Brooks: That’s cool how you layer the dress over the shirt I would never thought to do that but it looks really really good. So the first two looks pretty good. Michelle was so great and I'm really excited to see the last one so let’s bring Merlyn out and see the final look. Come on out Merlyn. Oh my god, you look insanely good. Michelle: She's on Olsenboye blazer on I heart Ronson T-shirt, City Streets jeggings and Olsenboye handbag and boots. Taryn Brooks: Oh my god. Female: You did a great job. Taryn Brooks: She looks amazing. Okay so I have some goods news Merlyn. Not only do you get to keep this black look which is amazing but you also get the keys to the other two looks that you tried on. JC Penny has hooked you up so you already to go back to school and you get to keep the make up products that Marissa used. You can keep up this amazing look. You look god in that outfit, so enjoy all your new stuff and have a good senior year. Merlyn: Thank you Female: Nice come here you look beautiful. Merlyn: Thank you awesome. Taryn Brooks: Hey guys what's going on I'm Taryn brooks bringing you your need of the week. So right now we’re kind of obsessed with these skinny jeans by City Streets. They’re so awesome and they come in all different colors. I'm rocking the green but if you're not green fan they have them in yellow or hot pink, red, whatever your favorite colors is, they have them. They’re really great. You can dress them up like I did with sandals or you can rock them with flip flops. They’ve got this embellishment on the pockets. Mine have little rhinestones but they also have studs, whatever you prefer. They’re super, super fun and cool and great for summer. So go pick up a pair at JC Penny.