Baby's Second Steps
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It's a special time for parents - that moment when your baby is about to walk for the first time. Here at DadLabs, Daddy Brad was ready to chronicle this moment in his son's life. With a variety of cameras set up for filming this milestone, including a Flip video camera and cell phone camera, we were set to present to you "Baby's First Steps". Except he missed it. So instead we give you "Baby's Second Steps". Daddy Troy chimes in with a few valuable tips on how to create a wonderful home ...


Baby's Second Steps Clay Nichols: Until recently, catching a baby’s first steps on film was a rarity. A happy accident when Dad and a clunky video camera and newly minted toddler all happen to be in the same place at the same time. Today however, with the ubiquity of handheld devices with onboard cameras and video, it’s a simple thing to capture this magic moment and it just so happens that we’re fortunate at DadLabs that our own Daddy Brad is at this magic moment when his child is getting ready to take his first steps, and he’s going to catch it on camera. If we’re lucky then we will be there too. Come on in. Brad Powell: Dude, I missed. Clay Nichols: What do you mean you missed it? Brad Powell: I carried it everywhere. I had my old JVC over there. I have my flip camera over there. I have my phone with me, the camera and I just missed it. Clay Nichols: How did you miss it? I mean you had three different cameras everywhere. Brad Powell: I know. Clay Nichols: I mean, we’re supposed to just get -- I mean what? Brad Powell: I was brushing my teeth then he just stood up and he walked. And I was brushing my teeth and I’m like “No!” But I got the second one. I got the second one. Clay Nichols: You got the second one? Brad Powell: Yeah, I got the second one. Clay Nichols: That’s good because the video said that it’s all about catching your child’s second steps Brad. Brad Powell: Talk to Daddy Troy. I mean let him do some of that film making stuff. I got the second one. Maybe you can film make it, do it in post and turn it into the first one. That’s what you should do. But I mean it’s really cute because he stood up and he clapped. Tada! I can’t believe I was brushing my freaking teeth. Clay Nichols: That’s great Brad. Brad Powell: Yeah. Clay Nichols: Hey, Troy. Can you help me out? You know I was going to do that video with Brad where he’s going to film his kid’s first steps. It’s very cute but he totally screwed it up. So, what I thought was instead, we would do kind of a geared editing where you could get some great tips about making a great video of your kid’s taking the first steps. Troy Lanier: Like press record? I’m not sure. Clay Nichols: Well, yeah. I mean press record but also you know -- Troy Lanier: I don’t get it. Clay Nichols: You know like tips. Troy Lanier: Like how to film your kid taking his first or her first steps. Clay Nichols: Yeah, right, exactly. Troy Lanier: Record? I agree that it’s a whole episode. Clay Nichols: Steadying a camera or holding it tight so it doesn’t wriggle like me? Troy Lanier: Yeah, hold that camera. I don’t think there’s an episode there dude. Clay Nichols: You know what? Really, I think you’re right. So, we’re just not going to make anymore. Troy Lanier: Can we get back to math? Do you mind? Clay Nichols: No. Troy Lanier: I’m studying here. Clay Nichols: Well that’s good. No, I’m sorry. Troy Lanier: I got to be back with the kids’ elementary school. Clay Nichols: I just got to try and make some videos here but this one will happen. Troy Lanier: Garbage in, garbage out. Clay Nichols: I got this one. I got it. Baby’s Second Steps [Demonstration]