Babyproofing Your Home
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DadLabs Ep. 309 The Lab - It's hard to be a toddler especially as they are learning to get around the home. Babyproofing makes it easier and safer for your little one to explore. Starting with your electrical sockets and moving to the sharp edges of your tables, there are musts for parents with a mobile baby. Tell us about your favorite babyproofing hacks, tips and tricks. This video is brought to you by One Step Ahead. Distributed by Tubemogul.


Brad: Welcome back to the Lab I am Daddy Brad. Clay: And I am Daddy Clay, this week the Lab is brought to you by One Step ahead great baby gear every step of the way, One Step Ahead. Brad: You know Daddy Clay with always talk about baby proofing it got me thinking is it's really hard to be a toddler. Clay: Man learning to walk, I mean seriously, put yourself in their shoes, it's like being Randall pics towel. You are minding your own business and suddenly life becomes a random series blows to the head. Brad: Yeah exactly it is like when you get home at 9 after been out to the fellows and somebody has moved all the furniture. I mean nothing that happens but if you did. That is what is life. Clay: Kids learning to walk or inevitably going to pick up a few bumps and bruises so we put together this show to help you minimize the injuries. Brad: We are this close to wearing the helmets. Clay: The whole family. Brad: Yeah, we are not real agile. Clay: Helmet on the kid. Brad: I got the brains in the family, I need a helmet dude. Clay: If somebody out there is got a telepathic infant hook me up bright because I need someone to explain to me why. And of all the toys stuffed animals and of all the physical objects in the home, this is the most fascinating. So like it or not plug covers are an absolute must. I like these with the sliding faces on them it is a little bit more time during set up but it is worth it so that you don't have to use these inserts. While these work perfectly well, parents have a tendency after a few years to get a little lazy and suddenly you forget to put these back in when you are done using the plug and they end up in the corner of every room as a medium for dust buddies, they will grow like here. Put covers, they are must. Brad: If wall plugs are exciting, these bad boys are irresistible, and if you are a gizmo dad you have got one. But there is a solution to this tangle mess, strip cover. Check this out, nice. Clay: You know I am sometimes worry that as adults my children will break into a cold sweat every time they see a piece of furniture. Have a kind of episode every time they see a coffee table because of the number of times they bounce their little heads off these things as toddlers. That is why we think of these corner covers and even this wraparound like here is a good idea even though the most beautiful thing in the world is only temporary. It might be even be worth having an argument with your wife, because the first time that kid bounces his melon off this thing and comes up smiling you win. Brad: Now some case are gravity bound while others well they are not happy until they reach altitude, if you got one of the junior spider man in your house hold well there is baby proofing process that you absolutely must do, you got to secure the furniture with furniture straps. Like these. You know nine kids each year are killed on average by toppling furniture and also thousands more are injured these straps are by KidCo and they cost only 7 bucks a pair. Now these anchors are need to be installed in pairs, and we will require that you know how to find a stud in the wall that is what he said and you have to drill in a hole. Don't worry if you are not good with your drill, because gear daddy will reveal all the tricks this coming Thursday. Clay: Well that is all for us this week here in The Lab. If you got a tip, trick, hack, idea for baby proofing or living spaces in your home please drop us a comment tell us about it and you will automatically be registered for our great weekly give-away. Brad: This week it is a $100 gift certificate, the One Step Ahead and Leaps and Bounds, where you can get all the baby proofing gear that you need. Clay: That is all for us, here in The Lab. Brad: I bet you were like a clumsy kid, weren't you? Clay: Well, I like to split, I like letting my feet -- Brad: Henry had a hippo. Clay: What are you trying to say, I am the fat kid, I am the fat kid. That is so funny I am the fat kid, like I am the kid that play Santa Clause in the Christmas parties because I did not have to have a pillow, like fell on the steps embarrassingly, is that you are trying to say. Thank you for bringing it up.