Baby Shower Gifts For the Dad?
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DadLabs Ep. 278 The Lounge - We asked our panel of experienced and expert parents 'What's the best gift to get a dude for a baby shower?' Give a baby shower gift to the dad? Golf stuff, tools and beer seem to be common themes. This video is brought to you by New Belgium Brewing. Distributed by Tubemogul.


Daddy Brad: Welcome back to the lounge we are at the tiniest Bar in Texas in the beautiful downtown Austin, I am Daddy Brad. Daddy Clay: And I am Daddy Clay. This is the show where we interview our expert panel and ask parent of the street questions about parenting today. This week’s question is— Daddy Brad: What is the best gift to get a dude for a baby shower? Male: A baby backpack to be a really find number one priority I think. Female: Some couching session on what to say and not say when your wife is giving birth or at home with the baby. Male: Permission to not go. Male: I cannot go wrong with golf and accessories. Male: I just get gifts at baby showers? Daddy Clay: You do not think that if somebody gave me golf stuff at a baby shower that my wife would just beat me senseless. Female: A vacuum cleaner and a mop. Daddy Clay: Cut, cut. Daddy Brad: We do not need that out here. Daddy Clay: Just payment no that is not— Daddy Brad: That is not yes. Daddy Clay: If you could get something at a baby shower what would you want someone to give you. Male: Breast pump once you told me that the best thing was to avoid any formula because mom was so much cleaner I did not have to be involve at all remember that day in your auto. Male: Daddy Clay you know most of your buddies are not interested in pleasing your wife. Daddy Clay: So you want to do it again and maybe you can tie like money or golf stuff or tools or something. Male: But elegant. Male: Earplugs and alcohols. Daddy Clay: That is your answer. Male: Maybe not the things to go in that— Male: I could be the child first firearm and mean time Dad can use it. Female: I think the best gift to the guy would be to spend time. That thing is so cool. Female: Vacuum cleaner, a mop and a cookbook. Daddy Clay: She just keeps going. Daddy Brad: The dad side. Now I know you. Female: A case of beer, a couple of cases of beer they need it for sure. Daddy Brad: Blue Berry. Female: Bottle soft for application so they can help the wife keep up with all the schedules and bottle feedings and medicine and all that stuff that is going to happen when they get home. Female: Hand them—because I made those. Female: Doctor said durable count is something that mean—I mean I do not think it has much to do with babies with. Male: Lap dance. Daddy Clay: Have you really been to this that they’d probably give you lap dance gift certificate I mean if they give those out I never seen one. Female: You know you got to put together a crib you do not need some tools. Daddy Brad: You need a drill. Daddy Clay: Because you can pick that up. Daddy Clay: We are done, sorry. We are shooting you cannot come by grab it.