Baby shower Gift Ideas
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Better.TV presents unique baby shower gifts for the child and the mom.


Audra: All right now, is somebody that you know out there expecting a baby, well if you’re looking for some gifts this time around, skip the boring predictable shower gifts and give something unique instead. And yes of course, we have a lot of ideas. Take a look. Invited to a baby shower? Well, you're going to need a gift. Desiree: The problem is a lot of people end up buying the same thing. And you want to get something they can use so diapers are great or a diaper cake is a creative way of doing that but there are also really great new things on the market that are different. Audra: We asked baby planner Desiree Miller of to show us some unique baby gifts that every mom will love. First step, customize baby shoes by Kids & Caboodle. Desiree: You can literally go on the website, pick the color you want, the thought you want, whatever words you want. So you can personalize it if you already know what the baby’s name is going to be. Audra: And next, since most of the gifts will be for the baby, how about something for mom? Like this bracelet from Life’s Moments Jewelry. Female: You can put the mother’s name with a little baby charm of heart with footprints or you can do it with the child’s name. a lot of moms like that or it's more whimsical but it's something also that will last a lifetime. Audra: Or if you prefer to be practical, this baby days log will help keep track when life gets hectic. Desiree: When you have a child that you are supposed to go home and keep track of very little detail and this is on top of not getting sleep and loosing your mind a little. So this is a nice little notebook that somebody—baby days actually took the time to put together and keep tracks that you have a log that you can just flip through. Audra: Or maybe you're looking for something a little more high-tech. the My Book offers parenting videos to go. Desiree: They’re just little snippets, a minute a half of video that tell you what you need to know to kind of keep—about you. You can put this right in your diaper bag. Take it with you everywhere. You can give it if you have a babysitter, say grandma and grandpa are watching the kids for the night and aren’t quite sure. You know what here, just go to this chapter on this page. It will show you what to do. Audra: If the mom to be plans to pump, you might consider this nursing bra from Simple Wishes. Desiree: So, when you're pumping, your stocks sort of sitting at the machine with tubes connected to you and you literally, if you're nursing have to hold the device to you. With this, you don’t have to. You're hands can be free so that you can actually sit there and multitask. Audra: And along the same lines, these comfy satin pajamas that are also nursing friendly. Desiree: When a new mom gets home from the hospital, she’s not feeling all that pretty all the time and especially if she’s nursing. This pajama set by Hadley Stilwell is a really great solution to that. It's pretty first of all. It feels nice. It makes you feel a little luxurious and it's built for nursing. Audra: And you can pair it up with a matching cover up. Desiree: It's meant to be with the pajamas but you can wear it out in about as well. Again, easy access making life simple for the breastfeeding mom. Audra: With these unique gift ideas, you're sure to be the hit of the shower and mom’s going to also thank you long after the baby’s born.