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In this episode of The Lab, the DadLabs team travels to Los Angeles and meets up with actor and stand up comedy star, Kevin Nealon. Kevin joins Daddy Clay on a trip to a baby store where they check out a variety of baby products including a baby monitor and a breast pump. Watch as Kevin shares his thoughts on fatherhood. This funny video features clips of the comedian performing a live show where he offers some parenting tips to fellow dads and parents.


Daddy Brad: Daddy Clay and I have ventured all the way here to beautiful Venice Beach, California to bring you a very special episode of The Lab. Daddy Clay: You know what, since we are here in Hollywood, what we ought to do is go shopping for baby gear with a celebrity. How about Kevin Nealon? Woah, dude! That dog is high. Daddy Brad: It's a dog. Kevin Nealon: Well, I'm glad you are here and I'm very excited to say about, oh! a little over a year ago, I became a proud father. Yes, yeah. Thank you! And you know what, you know what, I love that kid as if it were my own. I really do. I really do. It's exciting, very exciting. It's my first baby. Pretty sure. Pretty sure. Daddy Clay: So how old is the guy now? Kevin Nealon: Almost 27 months. Daddy Clay: And do you ever stop counting the age in months? Kevin Nealon: I don't. I will continue. I'm 624-months-old. Sometimes I lie and say I'm 623. You know, depending on -- Daddy Clay: It's Hollywood. Kevin Nealon: Yeah, it's Hollywood. Daddy Clay: So have you seen The Pee-pee Teepee. Kevin Nealon: I have seen The Pee-pee Teepee. Daddy Clay: It's like a hat. Kevin Nealon: It is a hat. Again, like with my kid, we can't find a hat big enough to fit his head, same thing. Oh, these are great. I've never seen anything this elaborate when it comes to measuring boards. But these are handy to have. You could see how big your beer belly is, when you just get down like this. You can measure that as you know if you are in college, or if you are just retired or whatever, they get bigger and bigger. And you don't want to get past to three I would say. That would be a little bit too much. Kevin Nealon: These things -- amazing. Never knew these existed before. Daddy Clay: Your wife breast-feed in public? How do you feel about that? Kevin Nealon: I wouldn't have that. It's a little too sexy I think. You know what I am saying. I mean when I see somebody breastfeeding, automatically I can't help but stare. Daddy Clay: Did you use a baby monitor? We've got a lot of them here. Kevin Nealon: We actually do have a baby monitor and it's something similar to this one, this Graco. It's just the basic monitor. Definitely a great product to have if you have a baby. And this one vibrates as well. There's actually a bar that's maybe a half a block from my house. And one night I actually took it there to see if it would reach and I could still hear the baby. Daddy Clay: Did it work? Kevin Nealon: It wasn't quite far; it was a little out of range. So now I have to drink almost at the bar. Kevin Nealon: I actually saw a picture of a guy. He had the kid in the BabyBjorn and he was eating an ice-cream and a big piece of it fell off on the kid's head. And he just went like this off the kid's head. You know what with the economy, you can't waste ice-cream. Daddy Clay: Kevin, thanks so much for going shopping with me. Kevin Nealon: My pleasure! Daddy Clay: I really appreciate it. We saw some fantastic products, and I think everybody probably learned a lot of valuable lessons. Kevin Nealon: Oh, I hope so. I hope so. And you know there is a lot more to learn too. I am not the answer man, neither are you. Daddy Clay: I am a answer man. Kevin Nealon: You are a answer man. Daddy Clay: But if you want to get some answers a great place to get it is your book. Kevin Nealon: My book, Yes, You're Pregnant, But What About Me? It's available on and bookstores and it's coming out in Paperback soon. Daddy Clay: Very funny. And also you've got some DVDs of your standups that's coming out soon. Kevin Nealon: Coming out soon. That's right. Daddy Clay: And of course, people can always check out on Weeds. Kevin Nealon: On Weeds. I've got too much going on to have a kid basically. Daddy Brad: Well, that's all for us here in beautiful Venice Beach. We'd like to thank BabyBjörn and the Juvenile Shop for bringing us out and letting us film there. It was great. Daddy Clay: Yeah, we also want to encourage you to visit us at Join the conversation that's going on there. It really is the best dad site on the Internet, Who else am I forgetting to thank? Daddy Brad: Salient Media. Daddy Clay: Oh Salient Media. Thank you Salient Media for making this possible, and of course, Kevin Nealon. Daddy Brad: Yeah, Kevin Nealon. Daddy Clay: Thanks Kevin, you're awesome. Daddy Brad: Alright dude! Okay, Muscle Beach or organic corn dogs? Daddy Clay: I don't - no. Daddy Brad: The Muscle Beach right there, organic corn -- Daddy Clay: To both. Daddy Brad: Yeah, I am going to do the corn dog. Daddy Clay: Alright, I'm not feeling it. Kevin Nealon: We baby-proofed the house, which is very expensive if you go to a reputable company. They'll charge you a lot of money. But we saved money, you know what we did? I'll tell you. We just brought our friend over who is an alcoholic. We got him liquored up and then we followed him around the house and saw what he got hurt on and then we removed it. We removed it. You have got to be smart. You have got to be smart. By the way, it only cost us a gray goose, so it's very cheap, it's very cheap.