Baby Products That Are Doomed to Fail
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Our sponsor, Boon, makes really well designed products, but not all baby products are so well made. Daddy Brad and Daddy Clay review some truly horrendous products sent in to the DadLabs. Some people have nothing better to do than think up crappy stuff for kids.


Daddy Brad: Welcome back to The Lab. I am Daddy Brad. Daddy Clay: And I am Daddy Clay. This week we are talking about crappy products doomed to fail. Daddy Brad: This weeks Lab is brought to you by Boon, Innovations for Modern Parents, Boon. Daddy Clay: You know customers sponsored by Boon. I have been thinking a lot about design lately. Daddy Brad: Yeah, because everything from Boon is thoughtfully designed. Daddy Clay: yes, but not everything is. You know, we got a lot of stuff that comes in with us here today at Labs. Send to us by many manufacturers that want us to review their product or put them on camera for you are fantastic audience to take a look at. And, some of the stuff that they send is frankly garbage. Daddy Brad: To demonstrate, we have selected a couple of products that we think are doomed to fail. Daddy Clay, this product is out there for the parents that just will not spank. They are anti-spanking but that have a child that needs to be beaten. This product, The Corporal. Let us the say, the behavior modification system. It will have your little recruit standing, and saluting in no time. Daddy Clay: So, what you got here basically is a spanking machine. Daddy Brad: Yes, and it comes with attachments. Wooden spoon? You do not have to do it. Daddy Clay: So, you put your child in the machine and it spanks your child for you. Daddy Brad: Yes, with the hairbrush, and the really bad, belt. The corporal. Daddy Clay: I do not think the corporals going to be marching else stores anytime soon but I tell you what anybody’s next product as you got a chance because this is for families on the go. You are doing road trip, it is the travel time, travel season and you are taking the kids out in the road which means you got more money than me because I am cutting back on travel right now. The kids, they are watching a lot of the TV so, it is good for you. I am happy for you. Daddy Brad: The product dude? Daddy Clay: Oh, right. The product. So, you are on the road trip and you got an emergency. The kid is going to go. Number two and you know, your government says you are behind schedule and so you do not want to stop and what you are going to do or you stop and the facilities are totally disgusting. What you do? I will tell you. You crap your hands. I open the other sample they send and it really, it just a rubber gloves. Daddy Brad: What did you do? Daddy Clay: I think the idea here is that you catch it. It comes in, you just catch it. Daddy Brad: Actually, Daddy Clay: No, no. This is disgusting. Daddy Brad: Think about this. There are lots of records that you need to keep for your children. For example, from the Pediatrician’s office, their prescriptions, their shot records, all kind of documents that you need to keep in one central location about your children. Daddy Clay: That’s true. My pediatrician gives me all this kind of information and you know, I can talk into some legit product and I am going to keep all those stuffs somewhere. Daddy Brad: You can keep it right here in the Ped-O-File. All your documents right here on your kit, Daddy Clay: I think maybe it is the Ped-O-File but in a way, not really a winner. Daddy Brad: Tomato, tomorrow. Daddy Clay: We have been hearing a lot lately about these educational systems that boost the intelligence of the child while they are still in urethra. Why wait until conception. Go in early. With this product, sperm school and the sperm school, it is basically an education system and use as this ball buds, to be microwaves, at your testicles and this stimulates greater motility in the sperm and basically boost the intelligence, your child, yeah absolutely. And it comes with a player and there is a curriculum and I think that it really can make a difference. Daddy Brad: High-tech. How do they going? Daddy Clay: Suction. Yes. Oh, you do not want to do that. You stop. It is mine. It is my sample, personal. Personal sample. Daddy Brad: You use this? Daddy Clay: Yes, I mean that is my personal. They set me an example and I n