Baby Pram Review
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Baby strollers can be difficult for parents to haul around. In this episode of Gear Daddy, the dads review a baby stroller from New Zealand, Phil and Ted's called the "Smart Buggy". This pram is a great alternative to an umbrella stroller.


Clay: Stroller is one of dads most important tools. What we have got here is a really interesting new take on a stroller. Seven umbrella stroller, the usual big bulky jog stroller. You might want to think about this really cool stroller that’s called the Smart Buddy, and it’s from Phil and Teds in New Zealand. We’ve got Paul who is form Phil and Teds, and he is going to talk to us a little bit about the Smart Buddy. This is a cool stroller. Paul: Yeah, it’s cool. It’s really designed for inner city living, something that’s very, very lightweight, it weighs six pounds. It’s something that you can use on public transport and like I said, it’s something–a product that not everyone wants an umbrella stroller, but they still want something that’s very, very company, something that fold really small, it’s easy to use, great for apartment living, great for public transport and really stylish as well. Clay: What I like is that this is perfect for anything that’s a crowded store, if you are traveling, if you’re going to stores a lot, you’re in a crowded resort town in the summer time, this is the perfect stroller, because it takes up so little space. The footprint here is just tiny, and that’s what I really like about this piece. Paul: It’s also great if you are going on holiday and you got limited space/ Clay: Exactly. Paul: And you can tuck it away in the car. Clay: I like how it folds up, very small. You’re not going to make people upset. You know, when you take that big jog stroller and you push it into the crowded store with all those people around and they give you the dirty looks, you bring in this trim little stroller, they’re going to welcome you right in the store. Love it.