Baby Panda Meets Her Mother
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Zookeepers in Taipei, Taiwan's zoo introduced a month-old baby panda cub to her mother. The cub is kept in a separate cage due to concerns that her mother might kill or even eat her. (Aug. 13)


SOURCE: Taipei City Zoo Handout - CourtesyTaipei, Taiwan - 9 August, 2013SHOTLIST: 1. Wide of zoo staff putting cub in same cage as female giant panda named Yuan Yuan 2. Wide of Yuan Yuan approaching her cub and picking her up with mouth 3. Yuan Yuan using her mouth to pick up her panda cub and then cuddling her 4. Close of Yuan Yuan breastfeeding her cub 5. Mid of Yuan Yuan cuddling her cub 6. Wide of Yuan Yuan sleeping as cub moves around 7. Mid of zookeeper giving Yuan Yuan honey, while another takes cub out of cage STORYLINE: Taipei City Zoo released video on Tuesday showing the tender moment when a female giant panda was reunited with her cub after a month apart. The video shows the mother, Yuan Yuan, using her mouth to pick up her cub and then cuddling her. Yuan Yuan was one of the two giant pandas given to Taiwan by China four years ago to demonstrate its warmer diplomatic approach. She gave birth to a female cub at a Taipei zoo a month ago. But the cub had to be removed from her cage because zookeepers feared that Yuan Yuan might kill or even eat her. To everyone's relief, however, Yuan Yuan showed motherly instincts when reunited with her cub, picking her up and breastfeeding her. Despite the good response, though, zookeepers eventually decided to reduce the risk of danger to the cub and put her back in an incubator. They will allow mother and cub to meet regularly.(****END****)