Baby of Man Wounded in Colo. Shooting Is Born
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The wife of a man who was severely wounded in Friday's theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado has given birth to a baby boy in the same hospital where her husband is in a medically induced coma. (July 24)


[SOT/:SETH MEDLEY / SHOOTING VICTIM'S BROTHER] [Notes:LOCATION -- AURORA, COLORADO -- KMGH -- POOL CAMERA --JULY 24]"we were all looking forward to this....excited about is a silver lining to a very dark cloud...we know caleb....he's a fighter...we know he's not going to stay out of that child's life for any length of time...He moved his hand...toward the baby...trying to feel his son...trying to touch him....his heart rate...other than that i couldn't tell you."he's still listed as critical...but he is in stable condition...making small steps every day.It's difficult to see him like this, but I'll see him walk out of the hospital...i know that he will be back on his feet....i know that...i thank god for that.[Notes:SOT --MICHAEL WEST/SHOOTING VICTIM'S FRIEND]All the money that is donated is going to go straight to caleb, katie and hugo to help them with medical them get back on their them with baby items....anything and everything that they need."(****END****) VIDEO PRODUCER: ned barker---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: kmgh (pool)-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: bob mccall----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: courtesy----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): denver--------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: d0066BC-US--Colorado Shooting-Family, 4th Ld-Write