Baby Luxe for Less
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Style Expert and Designer, Christiane Lemieux is here to show us the latest and greatest in budget-friendly baby gear for Mom and Baby


Hi! I am Christiane Lemieux, a designer for Target and today it's all about Baby Luxe for Less. Great baby designer luxe looks for less. When parent start thinking about baby's arrival, the first thing I think they hope and dream and fantasized by is probably the nursery. The biggest purchase in the nursery is obviously going to be the furniture. So the crib, the dresser, the changer, the glider all of those things. There are some amazing options out there now available for a lot lessen to pay in a designer boutique and you still get that same great decorator nursery. This bed, this crib and all of the bedding in it is less than $400 and this has all of the bells and whistles you would look for like storage and great modern sleek lines that are really in trend right now, and at just a fantastic price. The dresser that goes with it, it's convertible and is less than $250. Other things that parents look for when they are thinking about their new arrival is obviously baby clothing. You are going to go through a lot of it, your baby grows really quickly and getting great looks for less is on the top of parent's mind. This three piece set from Circo which has great color and detail and is mix and match is less than $6 and that will take you a long way with your new baby. Parents also like to outfit for their new babies. So some of the pieces from my collection that dwells to you for Target, we really try to put in fashion details like ruching for girls and great graphics for boys. So parents can put together great outfits for their babies, for fraction of what you think you pay, all of these pieces are less than $7. Another person that needs to be outfitted during the whole baby phase is obviously mom. Mom's wardrobe is pretty important because there is no getting around the need for maternity clothes. All of these great stuff is from Liz Lange's organic and essential collection. Liz Lange is really the style expert when it comes to maternity and she has create a mix and match line for mom that has t-shirts, tanks, skirts, a whole bunch of different things that mom can mix and match and create different looks, it could be comfortable. Everything is under $20 and this will get her all the way through her pregnancy. Liz Lange has also created some great signature pieces like this maxi dress, has this fantastic empire waistline, great fabric, you can wear it when you are really small all the way through to the end of your pregnancy and this dress is so cute that you could probably wear after you have the baby. Another great thing for an expecting mom is the belly band the Be Bella Band. This band actually helps you transform your regular clothes into maternity clothes by allowing them to expand with you. It's a really fantastic thing, if you want to keep wearing your favorite jeans which I always did. Another thing that, that's really important when you think about the nursery, and you think about the arrival of baby as a whole, is really all of the essentials that you are going to need throughout the pregnancy. Those things being baby oil, wash, baby powder and even little snacks. Target's up & up collection is fantastic, they have got this figured out for parents, they are covering all of your essentials. The most being and probably your biggest expenditure is going to be on your diapers. The average family spends $2,500 on diapers between a time the baby is a newborn to the time the baby is potty trained. And by choosing up & up, you could literally save yourself hundreds of dollars a year. I know that that's important for all families, you can put that in the college fund, it's just a really great alternative to some of the other more expensive brands. All of this wonderful stuff, you can get all of this and it's at one stop shop at Target and at