Baby Gear Essentials: High Tech Nail Trimmers
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They're afraid to tell you the truth: trimming a baby's nails is a huge pain in the cuticles. The Gear Daddy reviews two tricked out baby nail trimmers, sporting features like magnifying glasses and LED lights. Your guide to a tear-free newborn nip/tuck. DadLabs ep 452 brought to you by Baby Bjorn. Distributed by Tubemogul.


Welcome back to Gear Daddy. I'm your host, Daddy Troy. Today we're looking at nail clippers for babies. This one has a magnifying glass and this one has LEDs. Right out of the womb, a baby's fingernails are already growing and a baby can reach up and scratch his or her face. So it's incumbent upon you, the new parent, from day zero, to go ahead and cut your kid's fingernails. But cutting a kid's fingernails are actually fairly difficult. Their fingers are small. They're hard to see. You can't use adult-sized clippers. Occasionally, you'll cut too close, maybe even that cause the child to bleed at which point the kid will hate you forever. Today we're looking at two tricked out nail clippers. The first one is from a company called the First Years, although, it's branded with American Red Cross. It has a folding mechanism that allows you to engage the clippers and the trick to this one is, it has a magnifying glass that clicks into place. Put it over your baby's fingernail and begin to cut. The magnifying glass is a 4x so it helps you see your baby's fingernails more accurately. I'm a little bit worried about this particular one because it's a little flimsy right there, you can see how it moves back and forth, but it locks down nicely and stores nicely as well, nicely compact. The second one is from a company called, Safety First. When you open the arm on this clipper, a little switch turns on two LED lights, which then allow you to cut your child's fingernails and you can actually see where you're cutting. I know a lot of times, I'll be cutting my child's fingernails and my head is really close to their hands, which blocks out a lot of the light. So that's why, this device comes in handy. You'll also notice that it's really, really sturdy. I can drop it and it's not going to break. It also has on the back of it this little plus sign into which you can insert an emery board and manicure your baby's fingernails for that big night out. Now actually, seriously, you want to manicure your baby's fingernails because once they've been cut, infants and newborns still can scratch their faces. Now both of these are pretty cheap. This one here is only $2.50 and this one only $5. They make a great thing to put on your new baby registry for that cheap relative who may not be ready to pony up for the monster crib. We'll see you next week on Gear Daddy when we talk about the Electric Food Processor and making your own baby food. Thanks as always to our sponsor BABYBJÖRN.