Baby Einstein for Toddlers
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Baby Einstein celebrates its 10th Anniversary and takes a look back on how it all got started.


Jenifer Garner: Hello everyone, thank you so much. I am thrilled to be part of this wonderful celebration and I don’t know about all of you but I feel like I'm in the middle of a Baby Einstein DVD. There is art and there are animals and music and nature and of course the caterpillar. Julie Claire: She’s not staring in a baby Einstein DVD but actress and mother Jenifer Garner is celebrating the creation of the popular baby videos. Garner signed on as host of Baby Einstein’s 10th anniversary celebration at the Walt Disney concert hall in L.A. along with company founder Julie Clark. Julie Clark: 10 years, I can't believe it's been 10 years. This was really about how can I explain the arts to my own baby. Julie Claire: It all began with one video that Julie shot in her own home. Julie Clark: Everyday I wake up and I think “are you serious?’ I started a company because here I was and am really a mom and a teacher and I had no idea the impact that I can have on thousands of moms. Julie Claire: The impact was enormous. Baby Einstein grew into a multimillion dollar with many more DVDs, CDs, toys and games. Julie Clark: Probably the most exciting is knowing that I'm given the arts, facts to children at a really young age. Julie Claire: Eventually, Baby Einstein got so big that in order to take it to the next level, Julie needed to sell and she did, to Disney in 2001. Julie Clark: The last 10 years, I've been involved just a consultant but haven’t made me videos and here I am making another video. Julie Claire: When that video was shot, two very special children had the chance to go behind the scenes to see how it's done. It was a dream come true for seven-year-old Ryan Douglas and five-year-old Alex Bradley. Thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation and baby Einstein. Julie Clark: Or know that Baby Einstein is been able to bring joy and happiness into the lives of these children who struggle with a lot of issues that most of our kids don’t have to go through is incredible. Julie Claire: Alex and Ryan were awarded medals and enjoyed the show along with dozens of babies and toddlers and a few celebrities too like soccer star Mia Ham who brought her twin girls, former Baywatch star Jennaly Nolan and her son and actress Melissa Joan Heart with her baby boy Bret. It was a special day for the kids who enjoy the puppet show, music and discovery zones and an emotional day for Julie as she look back at how it all began. Julie Clark: I think with Baby Einstein, it was about recognizing that you know really young children see the world in a very different way than we do as adults and trying to preserve that. Julie Claire: And that's exactly what she’s done.