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DadLabs sits down with some of the leading daddy bloggers to learn more about their web sites. We speak with Jason Avant of DadCentric, a blog for the modern dad that features nine contributors. Chris Singer tells us about his blog Stay At Home Dad in Lansing, as well as Book Dads, dedicated to highlighting books showing fatherhood in a positive light. Paul Banas runs Great Dad, another website aimed at parenting from the man's perspective. Finally, we meet Manny Ruiz of PapiBlogger.


Daddy Brad: On our recent trip to the Modern Media Man Summit in Atlanta, Georgia, we met a bunch of bloggers we really love and we want to introduce them to you. Daddy Clay: Their blogs are so funny you'll blow milk out your nose, which is why you need this bib from BabyBjorn, our sponsor. Jason Avant: Jason Avant from We're a collective assembly of some of the best dad bloggers on the net. We've been going at this for about five years. And we just go on that site and tell our personal stories of life as a modern dad. Daddy Clay: How many different contributors do you have to Dadcentric? Jason Avant: Right now we have nine. We all kind of do our own thing. If there is an underlying theme or style, it's that everybody's brutally honest and we tend to either be brutally frank, brutally funny, sometimes pretty poignant and sad. But all of the stories that we tell really kind of come directly from our own hearts as it were. Daddy Clay: And it's not just a funny blog. You guys aren't just trying to be funny. Jason Avant: No, not at all. We try to show really what being a dad and a man is all about in this day and age. Chris Singer: Stay at Home Dad in Lansing, that blog is just a tribute to my daughter and being a first-time father. And staying at home with my daughter since she was born Daddy Brad: Cool. Chris Singer: And just a gift to her to learn more about her dad. And as she gets older and able to read the blog, but also for me to be able to remember all the great things that have happened since I became a dad. Daddy Brad: You also have Book Dad. Chris Singer: BookDads, yes. Daddy Brad: And what is that all about? Chris Singer: Well I took that over from a couple of great dads a couple months back in April. We've kept the same basic premise of promoting positive fatherhood. Daddy Brad: Right, right. Chris Singer: Not just books by dads or about dads, but also children's books because I'm a big believer in reading with kids and literacy and promoting literacy, and lots of evidence out there now saying how important dad is if you want your child to be a reader. Paul Banas: I started about four years ago when we had our second child. I stayed home with my son. And just like you, I realized that everything out there was written for women. If it was targeted to men, it was a Daddy Corner. It was obviously written by a girl. And we all, we felt that. So I wanted to start something like a but for dads. So we have a site that's got many of the features that you'd see on a site oriented towards women, but it's written for men. We have naming generators for naming your kids. We have articles on baby acne. We have pregnancy newsletter that goes week by week that all is from a dad's point of view. And some of that's written by me. Some of it's written by friends and family. And then we have 16 published authors who come from all different walks. We have OB Gyne, pediatrician, humor writers, psychologists who all writer for us as well. Daddy Brad: Tell me a little bit about PapiBlogger. Manny Ruiz: Well, PapiBlogger is by default, I am the only Latino father blogger in the nation. But my website is actually focused on creative parenting. So I write about creative parenting recipes or tricks; how to get your kids to do certain things that you don't necessarily find on other parenting web sites. My philosophy is that unfortunately, men seem to be invisible in this space in the blogosphere. I think it's a shame there's not more men that are blogging about raising kids and being a good dad. But it's also I think the culture sort of has a war against guys. Guys are the bums. In the Latino culture, they're the machos. And so I think what we're doing here, this movement that's starting here really is very important because kids need to have a balanced view. There's too much estrogen going on and not enough testosterone. Daddy Clay: You definitely want to read their blogs. You can also read the blogs here at Today's episode is brought to you by BabyBjorn. Oexo-Tek certified, safe for your baby, BabyBjorn. Daddy Brad: We got blogs? Daddy Clay: Yeah, you write one. Daddy Brad: Oh, that's what it's called. Daddy Clay: Sometimes. Daddy Brad: Yeah.