Avent Baby Feeding Bottle and Monitor Review
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In this episode of Gear Daddy, Daddy Brad travels to the ABC Baby Expo to learn about the latest baby products from Avent Baby. The brand was started by a dad and their first product was a baby bottle. Just like the first baby bottles, the latest Avent bottles are designed to reduce colic. Other products include a baby monitor for the nursery that eliminates interference, and features a nightlight, music, and intercom. Check out more Gear Daddy for other baby gear product spotlights from ...


Brad: Hi I'm daddy Brad. I'm at Phillips Avent of ABC Kids Expo. I'm joined by Shannon Channing. Thank you for joining me. Shannon: One thing that’s really interesting Phillips Advent is the brand was actually started by a dad. Brad: Oh, a dad? Shannon: He was a plastics engineer in the UK and he and his wife had a baby and their baby was experiencing a lot of colic. So he thought “well goodness, I'm a plastics engineer. I can surely create something” and he did the very first Advent bottle. The great thing about this bottle is it's not only clinically proven to reduce colic but also to reduce spasms especially at night. Brad: This is about the same design that it was 25 years ago. Shannon: Basically the same design, very simple to use, not a lot of carts, it's really just the bottle. There is a screw ring in the nipples so it's easy to clean. That’s really important. We know parents don’t have a ton of time to clean their bottles. You want to make sure that everything is just as easy as possible. Brad: Tell me a little bit about the monitor. It looks really, really sleek and high-tech. Shannon: This one is really cool. The technology it utilizes guarantees zero interference. Brad: Oh well, so you don’t have to listen to your neighbors cell phone conversation. Shannon: No, you're never going to hear your neighbor. You're never going to hear a static or white noise. You know that every sound that’s coming out of this monitor is a sound that’s been generated by your baby in the nursery. It really offers that additional peace of mind. And also, it has really cool features though. So, this one has an LCD screen. You're going to be able to see the temperature in the room, the humidity really— Brad: Which is really important. Shannon: It is. It also has a lullaby feature. It has a night light. There is an intercom paging system. So it really has all of those great features that you're looking for in a monitor. Brad: Well Shannon, thank you so much. Great baby care products from Phillips Advent get a great, great monitor, bottles, sterilizers, breast pumps, everything that you need to take care of your new baby. Thank you very much. Shannon: Thank you. Brad: That’s all for the Phillips Avent booth of ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. I'm daddy Brad. We will see you next time.