Authorities Try to Find Parents of 4-Year-Old Girl
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The girl was found at a gypsy camp in central Greece with more than a dozen other kids and two adults. Paternity tests show they weren't her parents.


(Image source: BBC )     BY COLLIN RUANE     Authorities in Greece are trying to figure out how a 4-year-old girl wound up in a gypsy camp with people she wasn’t related to.   This girl, known as “Maria,” was one of more than a dozen children found Wednesday living with a couple in a camp in central Greece. Paternity tests show she’s not related to the adults she was living with. (Via BBC )   And now authorities are trying to figure out how the girl got there. So far there has been suspicion “Maria” could have been abducted or trafficked when she was just a few days old. (Via ITV )   Police aren’t sure where the girl came from or who her parents are, but Channel 4 reports a police spokesperson says the girl looks like she could be Scandinavian or Bulgarian.   The Independent reports the couple arrested for having the girl has already hired an attorney.   The attorney has insisted the couple didn’t kidnap the girl but instead took her as a form of charity because her parents allegedly couldn’t afford to take care of her. The couple, though, had differing stories about how they got the girl in the first place.   And evidence is stacking up against the two adults. Child registration documents, in which the woman registered at least a dozen kids as her own, claim she gave birth to six of those children in a 10-month period.   The Daily Mirror reports news of the girl’s discovery has given hope to Madeleine McCann’s parents as they continue the desperate search for their daughter. One of the theories behind Maddy’s disappearance is that she could have been kidnapped by gypsies as well. A charity in Greece is now caring for the girl. The charity says she is in good health and is appearing much more relaxed than when she first got there. The charity adds it has gotten multiple calls since they started trying to find the girl’s parents.