Audi Sportback Concept Car Review
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Damn, Audi's not kidding about this new sleek look, is it? - CNET reviews the Audi Sportback Concept.


Audi Sportback Concept Review Yes, Audi just keeps getting sexier. They used to make fairly upright looking cars, but starting with the five's and now this new concept sport back, wow, real different lines from them. Check out as it comes around that we're seeing what has been the big trend in automotive design lately, the four-door Coupe, but they're doing it in a very long, elegant way. Envisioned to have a 3-liter direct injection turbo diesel, no performance numbers are being talked about, it's a concept beyond that. Inside, notice what the monitor does, the display screen, it kind of pops-up out of the air register and sits there almost like an iMac perched on your screen. Inside you've got a variety of concept car touches like this quilted leather touch and the wood trim in there. It's probably a little beyond what really come to market, but this is a vehicle that takes Audi to a very different direction. Elegant sporting, but at the same time getting four-doors and plenty of seats in there and having a performance upscale message. These yummy wheels are part of a Quattro power train of course, 7-speed Tiptronic is being envisioned. By the way, this would be a 50 state clean diesel doing about 40 miles a gallon.