Attracting Women During The Daytime
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Have you seen me or has anybody seen this clip before, this YouTube clip, just shot up hands. Alright, there is a couple of guys here, okay. Nice, alright. Well my name is Alex, Alex Coulson and for those who don't know me, I have been around for about 5 years learning game and in last three years, I have been running Boot camps around Australia, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, running Boot camps not existent over myself because I feel passionate about it. I am going to reveal some practical tips you can use when you go out during the day to meet women and I know that the approach is really the big part of it. The approach is usually the scariest part of it. You see the girl over there, in there in the café and you are thinking man, I really want to go and talk to her but I don't know the first thing about her. I don't know how to walk up to her and start a natural conversation, it's not like that. You have to, it takes time, it takes persistence and practice and a fear of rejection gets the better of us sometimes. So first of all, just to get a quick idea on like where you guys, the major sticking points. Just a quick shot up hands, how many guys here now or believe that if fear of rejection was out of the equation like, there is no such thing as fear of rejection, we put that in the monkey bin, how many guys here would approach and meet and date more women? Alright cool, so that's good. So that goes on saying that if, alright how many guys here have actually seen like a really hot, stunning girl during the day and thinking wow, I want to go and talk to her, I want to start a conversation with her but again the fear of rejection held them back? Just a quick shot up hands. Okay, cool so it's prevailing. A lot of guys still fear rejection and some of you guys might be in studying this for a while, you might be reading about E-books and watching DVDs and going to a lot of seminars and that's great, you are making the first step. But it doesn't -- in the practical aspect you cannot learn in a seminar. You have to go and you have to practically apply it. So the context, when you go to bars and clubs, women, they are expecting to be approached. They are expecting guys to walk over there and go, Hi! I am Alex. So they are going and introducing themselves. They are expecting that. The thing is during the day, they don't expect that at all, they are in there own little heads, shopping down the shopping mall, looking at two shops and going, Oh! Well that's a nice pair of shoes. Oh! That's a nice handbag. And they are in their own little head, they got to scream saver faces on, they are going to like their eyes are glazed over, they are not in the moment. But in bars and clubs, there you are, they are prepared to be approached. It's the context, your drinking; you got a social lubricant about the hall. They are expecting to be approached and during the day, they are not. So you are going to shock some girls. Lot of guys have to be, including me, some guys learn through audio and some guys need to actually see it and I am one of those guys. And when you go in the bars and clubs, you get drunk, you are like, imagine I took you all out, right. We are in hotel down in Sydney in Circular Quay and we are all sticking in one side of the bar and all holding beers and we see this attractive blonde girl, beautiful hair, highlights, miniskirt, heels, really smoking hot stunning girl right. You see and you think, I am going to approach her, I am going to walk up there and like say hi or something. And then you see some drunkard like stumble up there, like throw up on the shoes and get some success and you think, well, man like that's pretty good, well if he can do it, I can do it. Some guys need to see that happen, it doesn't matter. It's the mere fact that he approached. It doesn't matter whether he gets success or not, the fact that you see somebody, walk up to somebody in a bar or a club, you see approach, it motivates you to go out and give it a try. But during the day, you don't see that. You don't see that. Imagine getting up at 9 O' clock in the morning and you are walking down to your local convenience store to pick up some milk, bread and pack of cheese, alright. So you are walking down, you are walking down the street and you see the garbage collector drop from his bus, pick up the garbage, throw it in and then he sees a girl, runs across the street, approaches her, gets her phone number, gets to make out, jumps back to on his truck and drives away. And you are like, wow, that doesn't happen everyday, wow! And you keep walking, the milkman stops by, alright he pulls up, takes the milk to the housewife, the horny housewife, he gets to make out, he gets to know her, drives back, he gets back into his van and drops away. And you think, well that's pretty, that's pretty inspirational right. It compels you, inspires you, motivates you to go up because you see it happening in real life. But during the day you don't see that happen because you go to shopping malls, she go on the street, you don't see people actually approaching. You never see it, you only see in bars and club.