Attorney: Casey Anthony Rejected Early Plea Deal
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Casey Anthony's attorney said he strongly considered early in the case whether she should plead guilty to a lesser charge to avoid a possible death sentence, but Anthony adamantly insisted she had nothing to do with the death of her 2-year-old. (July 5)


STORY: JOSE BAEZ INTERVIEW TRT: 1:59 SOURCE: AP TELEVISION RESTRICTIONS: AP Television Clients Only / POOL LANGUAGE: ENGLISH DATELINE: AS NOTEDNote - Trial footage is pool from July, 2011, Orlando Florida. 1. Medium of court clerk reading verdicts in trial of Casey Anthony"We the jury find the defendant not guilty. So say we all."2. Medium: Casey Anthony embraces defense attorney Jose Baez after verdicts are read. CORAL GABLES, Fla. - July 3, 2012VO: Push-in of Jose Baez bookSOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): Jose Baez, defense attorney"I think that's what this book does." 3. VO while soundbite continues:Establishing walking shot of Jose BaezVO While soundbite continues:"It helps people understand it." 4. SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) Jose Baez"There were times in the case, and I point these out in my book, of when I thought well maybe, we should talk about a plea. Maybe this doesn't look very good for her." 5.Medium of Casey Anthony during trial6. SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): Jose Baez"The defense was somewhat of a back-door mental health defense. Outlining the odd behavior. Now, what I want to make clear is, I don't think the lies are indicative of innocence or guilt. The lies were there long before Caylee passed away. 7. Medium still image of Caylee Anthony8. SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): Jose Baez"We need to talk about whether an actual murder occurred or not. And that's what the focus should have always been. And it never was. And our system just doesn't work that way. Our system says if you want to accuse someone of a crime, you've got to prove it. And that's why the jury took less than eleven hours. 9. Various cutaways of trial10. SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): Jose Baez"I've heard the criticisms of saying they didn't even ask for any, to review any of the evidence. My response to that is, 'What evidence?' There's nothing to review. What are they going to look at? A heart sticker? I mean, really. It was ridiculous. I think what happened is, a lot of people bought into the hype. And it takes more than hype to get a first-degree murder conviction11. Wide of interview(****END****) VIDEO PRODUCER: Pete ---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: AP/Pool-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: ----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: none----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): none