Athletic Recovery Blog Week 4 with Ben
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Ben Carter from Derby City Crossfit in Louisville, Kentucky gives feedback as to how his left shoulder pain is doing after week #4 of the 8 week athletic recovery case study with Bill Parravano.


Bill: Okay, Ben Carter Session 4. How you are doing? Ben Carter: Really well. Aching up on my right side as well as yesterday, it feels a lot better. I felt like I was type and the right type back in the entire town this last past week, because I was so aware of it. Benching went really well this morning, and it would be 2:45 for 11. So it's just exciting. So I'll have to sit tomorrow. Bill: You were seeing it was interesting this week, we've been working on the left shoulder, the left -- you were having a pain in the left shoulder and it was interesting this week you were talking about -- you felt more of an awareness in the right one that the right one was tighter. Ben Carter: Right, I just feel like my right one was a little bit tighter except when I was driving the car because my left arm, I normally use my right, this is my right. But no pain or anything like that; just kind of setting aware of it. Bill: And the pain in the left shoulder? Ben Carter: It was bothering me earlier on and the couple of days after the session, it was just like normal and in the last couple of days, Monday and Tuesday, it wasn't bothering me at all. So it's been nice. Bill: Cool! Thanks Ben. Ben Carter: Thanks Bill.