Asthma Treatment Caused Daughter's Death - Barbara's Story
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Barbara shares how her daughter's asthma treatment caused her death.


Jenny is not here today because she was a steroid dependent from the time she was two years old. So that would be 19 years and we all know steroids have a lot of side effects and they compromised the immune system. And she woke up on a Tuesday morning at flu-like symptoms, wasn’t feeling well. I had doctor’s appointment or something for an MRI I think. And my husband was working out of the house and I remember getting a cal and him saying you know she really doesn’t feel well and I’ll take her to the emergency room. And then I went over there later and they were giving her antibiotics and they were doing some test and at that time they just said that she had what they call a sepsis. She got to the emergency room somewhere between 10 or 11 and by 9:30 at night she was gone. She had picked up bacterial meningitis and being steroid dependent she didn’t have the immune system to deal with it. So somebody had said to me you know all these years, but why you have your child on steroid? Well, you have to worry about today before you can worry about tomorrow. You have to get through today to live tomorrow. And as I said earlier and if you didn’t see that clip we were told Jenny might not make her third birthday and we were lucky to have her for 21 years. So it was a long battle.